Top 10 Trucking Companies in Wyoming

7. Talco Trucking Inc.

Talco Trucking is always there to help your business! If you want dependable, excellent shipping from loading dock to customer site, then you’ve come to the right place. They can sure answer to all of your transportation needs!

You won’t make mistake if you choose them for your service provider.



By doing business with them you will know that the safe transport of your goods are in the hands of skilled, qualified professionals and employees that are constantly undergoing through some training’s and improvements in all relevant areas of the company.

While following all safety and government guidelines, at the same time they will make sure that they fallow their business principles that stayed same like from the very beginning- fast and safe transport of even the most difficult and demanding freight!

They will deliver your hopes, your dreams and your freight–on time and every time, but they deliver every time, and that’s a promise!



Talco knows all the ins and outs of transportation and logistics, and even more importantly they have the experience needed to overcome all the obstacles that might occur.

When you choose them out of all the trucking companies in Wyoming, you will realize that you don’t just choose a vendor, but you’ve choose a business partner for lifetime.


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Talco will create not just a solution, but a logistics strategy for long lasting and prosperous business! All you need to do is discuss your current and future transportation needs.

They’ve built their reputation on excellence in shipping and logistics, with a constant focus on serving their customers.

Contact them and find out why they are placed among the best trucking companies in Wyoming.


You’ve all hear one of the stories about a trucking company that started with one truck and build the way up to 100+trucks. Well Bar-S Services are one of those companies.

They are one of the many family owned trucking companies in Wyoming that started from humble beginnings in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Today they have a full fleet of cranes and then 100 + trucks.

They offer variety of services and equipment to customers around  Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas.



Bar-S Services takes pride in being a full service company from all of your commercial/industrial, oil and gas needs!

They are specializing in most every phase of your projects, so when you chose them for partner, you know you are all set up!

“Safely Serving Customers” -is their adopted phrase because they truly believe that safety, consistency and quality control are the key component for outstanding service.



On the other side, when it comes to safety, it is their number one priority. They will take every necessary step to ensure the health and safety of their personnel, the general public and the environment too.

That is why they have a “zero incidents” policy and continually train their employees to make sure that safety where it belongs…FIRST!

9. Bonneville Transloaders

Bonneville was founded back in 1985. On the very beginning they start with providing an alternative, competitively priced soda ash transportation service.

They were delivering the soda ash from mines located in the Green River Basin north 200 miles to a rail transload facility at Bonneville, Wyoming.

Then, BTI and the BNSF Railway joined forces so they can provide the service which continues to grow to this day.

Since 1998 till now days, they keep receiving the Great West Award for outstanding achievement in highway traffic safety.



BTI as one of the top trucking companies in Wyoming is striving for diversification and continues to look for new opportunities for expansion.

Their first major was the opening of a terminal in Kemmerer, WY- a facility that was designed to haul coal from the Chevron Mine to soda ash processing plants.

This was a smart step to make! When they open an office close to the coal load out facility, they found themselves in a prime position to service the majority of soda ash producers in southeastern Wyoming.



If you need one of the trucking companies in Wyoming, don’t hesitate to contact them. They will make sure you receive the best service possible!

10. Rolling Hills Trucking

Rolling Hills Trucking was founded in 1981 by Larry and Anne Hill. Larry, who starts out as the company’s sole driver, understands very well the compassion and dedication needed to succeed as an OTR driver.

Later on, in 1985, they start adding owner operators to the fleet and one year later, Larry quit his full-time driving and start dispatching out of their office in Worland.



Kim Barr starts driving for Rolling Hills Trucking in 1992. One year later he   bought his own truck but he also had some trucks leased to the company until 2000.  He become a safety supervisor in 1999, after he received his Million Mile Safe Driver award


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Interesting to know is the fact that Kim with his 28+years of truck driving experience,  is well known in the company for being the person who can over the phone, talk people through maintenance repairs.

Further, he is good with giving detailed road and travel report in the winter months! How awesome is that!



Rolling Hills Trucking, Inc as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Wyoming, has received numerous safety awards, and has had many drivers and owner operators recognized by the Wyoming Trucking Association as Drivers of the Month.

So don’t doubt if you are in need of transportation services, because they will for sure help you in every step of your transportation process.

Some Other Trucking Companies in Wyoming worth Mentioning

This article will not feel to me like completed if I don’t make an extra sub line for few more additional trucking companies in Wyoming that are worth the attention.



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