Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics

Why Trucking Industry Infographics?

So now, why would you have and use trucking industry infographics, you might be asking? Well, for a number of reasons it’s my answer, here I will mention few:

  • Marketing (reach potential customers)
  • Informative (to share valuable and/or interesting information)
  • Training (assist your staff and/or clients in gaining important information)
  • Recognition (they can get more people speaking about you)

If you want to get some key points out, but don’t want to write some long boring article then trucking industry infographics are the way to go. They can also aid in getting your company viral. If you create a really good infographics and it makes its way through the internet and social media circles that is all free advertising. When done correctly, they can show you as a subject matter expert. They are easy to track.

So don’t think of them as silly gimmicks to draw attention. Ok, well perhaps that is what they are. But they are more than that, they are a tool. Just like any other tools, it needs to be polished and used to its fullest potential.

Here bellow I will list you fifteen trucking industry infographics that I have made and published on our blog site. Have a look.

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics


1. Trucking Industry Infographics: 10 Best Truck Stop Amenities For Drivers

When you are thinking about trucking industry infographics you might not be thinking about the little things to make the trip comfortable. But just like anything you can’t focus solely on the physical work aspect of the job. Sometimes you need to consider the issues which affect the job, the driver, and the trip.

The ‘10 best truck stop amenities’ does just that. It shows some of the key things that most people might either not think of or take for granted. This is easy to do when you go home to your own bed and home every night.

So, what are some of these? Well, besides the obvious such as fuel, truck maintenance, and meals that is. What about showering and laundry facilities? Or remote parcel services, to allow for the sending and receiving of snail-mail. Other amenities might include wireless internet, Western Union, ATM, game rooms, or other such luxuries to help make the trip more bearable.

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics


2. Trucking Industry Infographics: 8 Popular Facts About Truck Cabin

The trucking industry infographics about the ‘8 popular facts about the truck cabin’ actually has some truly valuable information. What a lot of people who are not in the trucking industry, or are new to it, don’t understand is that the cab is both your second home and office. After all some drivers actually spend more time in the cab than they do at home! As such there are some important things to consider when setting it up.


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Like any other space personalize it, but also set it to best support you, as you would a regular home. Make it comfortable and relaxing. There is nothing worse than a messy unorganized space, this just adds to the stress of the job. So customize your truck’s cab to maximize the space, increase the comfort, and make the journey that much better. Hopefully after looking through this you’ll get some good ideas for your own truck cabin.

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics

3. Trucking Industry Infographics: 10 Interesting Trucking Safety Facts

When most people think of trucking industry infographics they think of things like policies, regulations, and other legal aspects. Well, the ’10 interesting trucking safety facts’ is that. But it is also much more than a boring “here are the rules”. The trucking industry has changed and evolved so much, especially in the last decade. That it is vital to get this information out to those who will benefit the most from it.

With all the new technology, added government regulations, and increased general educational levels truckers today have a much safer industry than even 10 years ago. Safety has been a concern for many years, and will be for years to come, but the overall standards are much better now. This infographics offers some interesting information, some of which you may not have known.

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics


4. Trucking Industry Infographics: 8 Interesting Facts About Truck Brakes

“8 interesting facts about truck brakes” is another trucking industry infographics that is both entertaining and educational. Though it might seem like an odd thing to focus on, you would be surprised just how many people over look their brakes.

Often they don’t even consider them while conducting routine maintenance, imagine that! But in reality they are one of the most important factors. Just like the previous infographics was about safety, your brakes are a safety issue. Not just for you but everyone on the road. Bad brakes are one of the main factors in many traffic related accidents.

Sure weather, experience, other drivers, fatigue all play a role in accidents. But there is no excuse for failing to get your brakes checked regularly. Hopefully after going over this infographics you’ll have a greater understanding of their importance.

5. Trucking Industry Infographics: 10 Secret Facts About Trucking Industry Profit

Now ’10 secret facts about trucking industry profit’ is one of the trucking industry infographics that you pay attention to. Oh sure you might be familiar with some of the information presented but who doesn’t want a more profitable business?

In today’s market it can be harder than ever to stay competitive while maintaining strong profits. But it doesn’t have to be. So why are the profits shrinking? It could be that some markets are saturated with competition. Perhaps expenses have gone up, like insurance, fuel, basic operational cost. This is happening while at the same time the average load prices have actually dropped!

A lot of trucking companies have had a hard time surviving, especially when smaller carriers are trying to compete with the larger nationwide ones. Perhaps after reviewing this infographics you can walk away with a few ideas to keep you competitive and profitable at the same time.

Top 15 Best Trucking Industry Infographics


6. Trucking Industry Infographics: 10 Interesting Facts About Truck Drivers Salary

No trucking industry infographics would be complete without discussing the backbone of the industry, the drivers. ’10 interesting facts about truck drivers’ does just that. It covers many of the key points and issues regarding the actual truck driver. Remember without him/her there would be no industry.



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