Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers

27. Truck Driving Tips – Always Have Survival Tools

Truck drivers spend more than 57 % of the time on the roads. Being on the road for a long time can mean all kinds of unpredictable situations so you should always be prepared with survival tools.

Here are some of the essential tools that each truck driver should have:

  • Jumper Cables;
  • Blanket;
  • Flashlight;
  • Multi tool knife;
  • Tire Iron and the jack;
  • Fire Extinguisher;
  • Spare Tire;
  • Emergency Signaling Device;
  • Rescue Tool;
  • Extra Clothing;
  • Extra food and drinks.

26. Truck Driving Tips- Drive Careful On Mountain Roads

The weather on the mountains is unpredictable, especially in wintertime. Always be ready for wind gusts and listen or watch the forecast for the zone you are traveling through.

Don’t stop in avalanche zones and obey posted rules. When traveling through mountains always have with you tire chains. They may be required for some of the dangerous routes in the mountains.


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Donner Pass is known to be one of the deadliest stretches of roadway in the United States. Interstate 81 along the eastern Untied States can get dangerous through the mountainous areas too. So, be well prepared and alert when traveling through mountains! They can turn from real beauty into dead alley in just a minute!

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25. Truck Driving Tips – Box Truck Driving Tips

Anyone who has ever pulled a trailer knows there are issues and concerns that might arise during the trip. But when a commercial truck drags the large trailers, it can be even worse! Each trailer type has its own concerns.

But a box trailer has the added issue of wind. A strong gust of wind can really wreak havoc on the road. Of course the load, the weight distribution, and even your tires can all add to the hazard. Drive not only for the road/weather conditions but also be mindful of your load.

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers
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24. Truck Driving Tips – Avoid Back Aches and Pain

Sitting behind the steering wheel for long hours unfortunately means sore back and having a constant back pain. It’s proven that this is likely to happen to truck drivers four times more then to the average person.

Although it might not be hundred percent avoidable, there are a couple of things you can do to at least easy the back pain:

  • Find a nice way of sitting when you begin, don’t sit on your wallet or whatever else might be in your pockets. Have a seat pad that offers additional support made from memory foam, and if you can afford, buy yourself a massage seat covers);
  • Sitting still is not good for your back, so adjust yourself frequently and try moving your seat slightly every twenty minutes or so;
  • Do some Yoga;
  • If you’re suffering from back pain, wrap an ice pack in a towel or shirt and hold it to the sore area for about 20 minutes. The ice pack will numb the sore place and reduce the pain;
  • Exercise every time you can. Every time you are on a truck stop use the opportunity to stretch. Get out of the truck as often as you can.

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers
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23. Truck Driving Tips – Get Plenty Of Rest

When you are driver for a living you have to take care of your well being on the road. Therefore getting good rest and sleeping good is one of the best things you can do to yourself and it’s one of the most important things as well!

Now, I know that this is easier said then done, but you should consider this tip as one of the essentials that can save your life!

Here are some strategies for staying awake on the road:

  • Get plenty of sleep! This way you can make sure that you are able to stay alert while you are driving. Sleep 6-8 hours minimum and make sure is a night sleep when you can. Nothing can change the night sleep!
  • If you can manage a good time for rest between your shifts than do it!
  • Take as many rest breaks as you can. Use every opportunity you have, or at list every 4-5 hours stop to stretch yourself, eat a snack, or take a short nap. This can increase your alertness.
  • Eat healthy meals every time you can. High protein snacks can help you remain alert during longer drives.

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers

22. Truck Driving Tips – Eat Proper And Balanced Meals

We are with the believe that over-the-road truck drivers cannot really have balanced diet. But, in meter of fact they sure can and we are by far wrong!

Truck drivers have the ability to choose and prepare their meals, which is not the case with the office worker, or the people that work in one spot all day. They have access to different restaurants every day, they also have the ability to cook while at work!

These new days with all those portable cooking appliances and shopping places on every curve, its no longer issue if one would like to eat healthy.

So if a driver wants to have a healthy eating habits here are some thinks she/ he can do:

  • We all heard the saying: “Start big, end small”. Well, they say this for a reason. So, when you starting the day eat a god portion of breakfast and this will keep you full thorough the day when its time for lunch. Lunches and diners should be smaller meals.
  • Don’t drink soda. The soda will give you extra weight but most importantly the sugars, that the soda have gives you a feeling that you are hungry. Change the soda for water or at least limit the bottles you have per day!
  • Get a slow cooker or crockpot. By cooking your own food on the road, you can control the ingredients that go into your meals.

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers

21. Truck Driving Tips – Get Plenty Of Fluids

Human body depends on water, but when you are seating straight for half the day, your body need for sure some extra fluids. Be aware that a sedentary lifestyle and not consuming enough water are two of the main reasons for kidney stones.

By drinking water you ensure that your organism is well hydrated. Water delivers useful products in your body and clears away the waste products.

Some health benefits of drinking water are: helping proper body function, maintaining pH balance, improving mental clarity, aiding in digestion and metabolism, regulating body temperature, flushing out toxins and many more.

Top 30 Truck Driving Tips From Experienced Truck Drivers



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