Transportation Liability - Busting the Most Common Myths

Transportation Liability – Busting the Most Common Myths

There are many things that you should know about transportation liability! There are facts and there is fiction, and you as a trucker or an owner of a trucking company should know to tell the difference.

Not knowing the difference can cost you big time.

Not knowing the difference between a professional truck driver and a driver is one thing. If you can’t tell the difference between the perfect drivers resume and just a regular resume or a best truck tire and any other tire, in many cases will not make much difference!

But not knowing the fine line of transportation liability myths and reality is something else. So, before you get your next load, you should pay close attention and take stuff serious.


The contracts negotiated between a shipper and a carrier often blurs the lines of who is responsible in cases something goes wrong. So it’s important for you to understand the transportation liability and the real risks of transporting goods.



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