Trucker’s Career Guide – Where To Find Reefer Truck Driving Jobs

There are many trucking jobs and among them reefer truck driving jobs. Nonetheless, how do you know which are the best reefer truck driving jobs?

Is it the company, or just your wish to haul refrigerated freight?

Whichever it is, the chances of discovering the recent reefer truck driving jobs are 100%. However, you need to know where to search them for.

Having said this, what is the point of searching something in a place that you could never find?

Reefer Truck Driving Jobs Description

The main type of freight of the reefer truck driving jobs is the food. It probably is obvious however, there are also some perishable goods transported by the experienced truck drivers.

To explain, reefer refers to a refrigerated type of goods. It may take extra obligations in order to complete the reefer trucking tasks nevertheless, it could take you to a higher experience level.

Continually, if you want to be involved in reefer truck driving then you need to have a Class A or Class B license.


The refrigerated truck driving jobs normally take basic vehicle maintenance and performance. On the subject of this, it is not much different than the other trucking jobs in the trucking industry.

To emphasize, the reefer truck drivers may load the truck or unload it. Furthermore, they need to keep records of all of their shipments.


To be precise, the key responsibilities include monitoring the equipment and safely transport the freight. In other words, they need to respect the following regulations:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • The Department of Labor (DOL)

Having said this, they need to respect all of the above-mentioned regulations of the US Government. Continually, it is a significant part of all driving occupations, including the reefer truck driving jobs.

10 Amazing Places Where You Can Find Reefer Truck Driving Jobs

If in the last years, you were finding it difficult to find a job, nowadays it is a piece of cake. In other words, you have the internet, you have the source.

Continually, if you are interested in finding reefer truck driving jobs and you do not know where to find them, here are the helpful sources:

1. Boards

To begin with, some of the best ways to find reliable reefer truck driving jobs are the forums and boards.

Having said this, you can find the traditional trucking jobs as well as other occupations that might interest you.


In particular, these are among the most reliable sources of reefer truck driving jobs:

2. Social Networks

I am 100% certain that you are familiar with the social media websites mentioned down below. Those are the same applications which you are using every day.

Yet, you are probably unaware of the fact that they are not just for fun and time killers. They actually have a lot more benefits.


When Facebook is mentioned, everyone looks at it as a fun. However, Facebook has some features that we either do not know they exist, or at least we forget they exist.

The sponsored ads you see on your home has a button which says “Apply Now”. That particular button serves for you to click on it.


By clicking on it, you apply for the job that you like to be involved in it. Further, you have the groups as well.

By joining to specific groups related to the trucking industry, you could find yourself a job. On the other hand, you could the members of the group for suggestions and help.


To continue with, LinkedIn could be the most innovative and at the same time helpful social network of today.

The network is made purposely and particularly for finding a job. Having said this, the trucking industry is really expanded on LinkedIn.


Once you create your profile, you will be able to find companies offering reefer truck driving jobs or possibly other that you are interested in.

More importantly, the companies present on LinkedIn will also find your profile and contact you for truck driving job positions.


Same as Facebook, Instagram is also used for fun and fill some spare time in. Nevertheless, the efficiency of Instagram has increased to a much higher level.

Have you noticed the advertisements on Instagram?

Accordingly, those sponsored links which keep appearing on your news feed page is actually a job ad.


In other words, you could easily find reefer truck driving jobs with the help of these.

On the other hand, you also can find a job by finding the particular companies you want to work for and add them.

Thus, once there is an open position they will publish it.


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3. Company Websites

One of the best places to find your next job and probably the one you have always wanted is the website of the company.

Further, you can find out everything they offer in details. For instance, the bonuses, the types of insurance and types of freight you will haul.


In addition to this, there are certain places to find the best reefer truck driving jobs. Notably, they are the following:

4. Trucking Newspapers

If someone asks ‘Where did you find your job” and you reply: in a newspaper, the other person will be surprised.

Why is that?

Because the term is nowadays confusing.

With the help of the internet, the newspapers are now online and gather a lot more information about the industry than it has before.

Overdrive Online

Overdrive Online is a magazine that has expanded very quickly after its appearance online. Having said this, their website is filled with helpful information about trucking and the industry.



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