Truckers Rights – What You Need To Know

So, let’s take a look!

1/9 Truckers Rights – Treat Truck Drivers Like A Person

Treating truck drivers like a person is the most generous thing that you can ever do. That is so because of truck drivers, after all, are responsible for the transportation process of all goods, and without them, everything would stop functioning.

Therefore, not all truck drivers are stereotype newscasters. You should try and give a better look at truck drivers, that way you will realize that they are: mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter, son; and all of them have decided to dedicate their life to this profession so that they can make everyone’s life easier.

2/9 Truckers Rights – The Voice and Vote Of Truck Driver Counts

In the past truck drivers have witnessed dictatorship. Nowadays, fortunately, that dictatorship has changed into a democracy. So, straight proportionally to that, the truckers rights have changed, and the voice and vote of truck driver have started to be taken into consideration by the trucking companies.


Remember to never ever tell truck drivers what is the best for them, unless you want to do their job. You should take into consideration everything that truck drivers have to go through in order to finish their job at the end of the day.

3/9 Truckers Rights – Truck Drivers Shall Be Paid For The Time They Work

Often trucking companies try to play smart, and not to pay truck drivers for all the hours that they have spent behind the steering wheel. Therefore, trucking companies should have in mind that truck drivers not only that they are performing the transportation process, but they are the ones that are cleaning their trucks, coordinating loads, as well as communicating with dispatch.


There are many things that truck drivers are doing, that trucking companies are not appreciating enough. After all, truck drivers are there to help you, as well as to help the other industries in the USA.

4/9 Truckers Rights – Truck Drivers Should Be Able To Go Home When They Want And When They Need To

When truck drivers are joining trucking companies they are all getting contacts. Altogether with those contracts truck drivers are getting promises for a home time from their employer, but not all of them are able to keep their word, which is not fair.

Hence, if the truck driver is fulfilling successfully his part of the job, straight proportionally he shall get what he deserves and what he was promised to get.

For example, if one of your truck drivers tells you that his kid has a birthday, and he is asking you for a day off, then you as his employer shall take that into consideration and provide him with it. Trucking companies should try to avoid not to create animosity. Have in mind that everyone is more inclined to work harder when his employer is aware of what his employees deserve.

5/9 Truckers Rights – Each Truck Driver Should Take a Break When He Feels Tired

Ticking clock over someone’s head is the worst thing that can happen to any employee. Therefore, trucking companies should be aware that hitting the endless road is not that simple, and that they shouldn’t give truck drivers unrealistic load times. It is way better and safer for everyone, that truck driver who feel tired  take a break instead of  keep rolling, because he/she could cause a truck accident, and I strongly believe that no one want’s that!Right!?

6/9 Truckers Rights – Truck Drivers Have The Right To Take A Shower Anytime He Needs One

One of an essential truck drivers’ rights is to take a shower in a clean facility. Moreover, not only that showers increase the hygiene of truck drivers, but also it can keep the truck driver awake. For example, if the truck driver stops at 250 parking stops, then he must take more than 20 showers.

7/9 Truckers Rights – The Truck Driver Is Only Responsible For The Accidents That He Has Caused

All truck drivers that are rolling on the road every single day have gone through numerous training, and those training have increased the awareness of truck drivers.


So, almost every truck driver that has obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license is in the position to drive on the road with increased alertness not to cause any unwanted situation- truck accident, and so on.

Thereupon, if it happens that a truck driver is involved in an accident, which wasn’t caused by him; he shall enjoy his right and be responsible only for what he has done.

8/9 Truckers Rights – The Truck Driver Is Entitled To Good and Healthy Food

Maintaining a healthy diet is tough when you are on the road for a long time. Yes, there are a lot of tricks that truck drivers can do in order to avoid the unhealthy fast food, but not a lot of truck drivers have put that into a daily routine.


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Fortunately, there are more and more truck stops that are offering healthy food, that type of food that one would serve to their family each day. And that is what truck drivers are looking for, for restaurants that truckers would look forward to coming back to.

9/9 Truckers Rights – Truck Drivers Have The Right To Enjoy What Truck Stops Have To Offer Them

Truck drivers are the best, and the most frequent guest at truck stops, therefore, they should be treated well. In fact, without trucks and truck drivers the truck stops would merely be gas stations.


Moreover, truck drivers have the right to have a safe place to park their trucks, the right to have a good meal, as well as to take a hot shower.  Those are part of the basic rights that every trucker is entitled to.


To sum it up, in this article I explained all essential truckers rights, more precisely what I think that you need to know.



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