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Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Chicago Freight Brokers


Chicago Freight Brokers are one of the best and most professional freight brokers in the United States. There are a lot of companies that offer this service in Chicago. But, we are going to show you a list of ten of them which are the best in our opinion.

There is something that needs to be transported everyday and this industry is growing fast in Chicago. So, the Chicago freight brokers are the link between the shippers and the carriers.

Responsibilities Of a Freight Broker

Surely, you ask yourself, what are a freight broker’s responsibilities? What does their job consist of?

Even though it might look as an easy job, we can assure you it is not at all. Brokers in general have a lot of responsibilities, which the shippers and carriers would not like to take.


As well as any other brokers, the Chicago freight brokers are dealing with a lot of stress and lots of responsibilities daily.

Bigest responsibility of a Chicago freight broker is to follow the government regulations when it comes to servicing the clients.

Another big responsibility is to correctly plan and coordinate the shipments and delivery of the customer’s goods. Thus, if this does not go well, the future of the whole company will not go well.


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In addition, the Chicago freight brokers need to be very communicative, because they contact a lot with the carriers.

And, in order to have good working environment, as well as success in the job, they need to have good communication with the shipping companies.


Another important thing that a freight broker needs to deal with daily, is to negotiate contract and pricing agreements with carriers. Furthermore, they deal daily with dispatchers, shippers, carriers, and they track and report the shipment status to their customers.

One of the top responsibilities for them is to make sure that the paperwork is completed and approved before the transporting occurs, as well as, maintaining the freight files and customers receipts for reference purposes.


Many times they need to know themselves when and to which customer, or a potential customer for that matter, can approve a discounts as well as promotions.

Experience is very valuable in the brokerage business. So, Chicago freight brokers are one of the most experienced ones. That ensures the quality of the service and the professionalism every company strives for and looks for when engaging into business.

10 Best Chicago Freight Brokers

As we did a list of the 10 best Alabama freight brokers, we are now doing a list of 10 of the best Chicago freight brokers, down bellow. It will be a short guide for you to check on how they work and their brief history.

1. Coyote Logistics

Coyote operates a lot of different freight services. From truckload and less- than- truckload to intermodal brokerage services and transportation management services.

It has more than 14,000 shippers, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

They always choose the right equipment for customer’s freight.

They are a growing network of more than 40,000 very qualified local, regional, and national carriers. Additionally they operate with good technology, smart people, and resounding commitment.


The Coyote Logistics motto is to always do what they say they will do.

Furthermore, they have been in transportation and logistics for more than 20 years now. The company CEO is Jeff Silver. He is always struggling to bring a better experience to the industry.

Very often brokers would promise and commit to transport loads from the shippers, but would fail on their promise. Thus, stressing customer’s and disturbing their supply chains.

Coyote was founded by Jeff and Chief People Officer Marianne Silver. They have been providing another alternative to shippers. Their company is full with innovation technology, and committed to service the customers in the best and most reliable way.

2. Load Delivered Logistics

Load Delivered Logistics has been earning the trust of national customers and carriers, Since 2008. From Fortune 100 companies to small distribution networks. They are the best at solving the industry’s most challenging problems through innovative technology.

They offer specialized services and a dedicated team that is very motivated to adapt to customer’s needs.

In addition, they have an extensive client experience. All that, because they have a big supply chain expertise.


Furthermore they always make sure they have a next-level technology, as well as a national-reaching carrier network. They have customers from retailers to food manufacturers and distributors. Additionally, they serve a huge range of customers that require premium service.

Moreover, they can ensure timely performance of 98%. They put the carriers they collaborate with  through a rigorous process so they can ensure the on-time service. Additionally, their carriers are SmartWay certified. Meaning, they are equipped with GPS tracking as well as 24/7 dispatch.

3. Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics was founded in 2005. And, even today they have the same objective which is to simplify the transportation management.

Additionally, Echo Global Logistics connects all businesses that have the need to ship their products. They ensure timely transport of goods as well as securely and cost-effectively.


Today, they are experts in simplifying the transportation management, as planned. Moreover, they are handling crucial tasks that clients need. And, can focus on what they do best. Also, they have amazing team members as well as carrier partners, with wide experience in the field.

Energetic, enthusiastic, expert logistics professionals determined to deliver the highest quality service

4. Chicago International Forwarders Inc.

They are one of the best ones in Chicago when it comes to freight forwarders, a freight brokers or a trucking company in Chicago. They handle all these services.

In addition, all of the customers they have, receive personal attention regarding their shipments. Therefore, it is needed to expedite shipments as quickly as possible.

And they are the best in it. If you get to be their customer, they will make sure you have the feeling of security that you need. Because, Chicago International are really capable professionals.



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