Fleet Fuel Card Comparison - 10 Best Fuel Card Services

Fleet Fuel Card Comparison – 10 Best Fuel Card Services


A fleet fuel card is a great addition to any organization. Regardless if you are a big or small trucking business, using a fleet fuel card is very beneficial and can save you a lot.

Some companies use only one type of fleet fuel card while others will use more than just one of the many fleet fuel card services. One thing is sure though, and that is that these now days it’s hard to even image a fleet without at least one fleet fuel card type.

Source: www.elementfleet.com
Source: www.elementfleet.com

However, people use their fleet fuel card because they get something out of it! Otherwise they will not even consider it! And honestly, trucking companies get a lot from a fleet fuel card service. It’s not only the discount prices on fuel we are speaking about here!

You will probably ask, well what else is there?

Fleet Fuel Card Use

Well, yes the first and most important is the fuel discount they are getting by using some kind of fleet fuel card. However, here it’s important to mention the many freebies and other discounts that they get on lubricants, oil change and etc.

Source: www.europeanceo.com
Source: www.europeanceo.com

So, a fleet fuel card can save you money and do a lot for your trucking business. They might be just a piece of plastic, (with the ability to get fuel, lubricants, and oil), but they keep truckers trucking and avoiding all those complications with paperwork.

They work almost the same way as a credit card and any type of trucking company can use them, regardless large or small! Moreover, a fleet fuel card goes with tailored plans to meet your specific needs! So why not have it?

Source: www.contracthireandleasing.com
Source: www.contracthireandleasing.com

Here is just a few of the reasons why having a fleet fuel card is good for you:

  • They keep your paperwork straight;
  • More control over how much you are spending;
  • You have fuel management reports;
  • No need for cash – and no burden on your drivers;
  • Fuel cards offer discounts.

Why Having Fleet Fuel Card is Good for You and How you Can Benefit?

So, some businesses use a corporate card or their drivers will just use cash and then will provide a receipt to get the money back. There is nothing wrong with either of those cases.

But, there is a possibility of your driver being mugged or being overpaid/underpaid due to a small mix-up in your billing department.

Source: www.countrymark.com
Source: www.countrymark.com

Same goes for credit cards! Somebody can steal and  use/ abuse them for purchases other than its intended purpose.

By using fleet fuel card you will leave less room for fraud and error, while at the same time saving your business from fuel theft and potential legal issues.

Furthermore, when you use fleet fuel card services, you will have the benefit of having organized record keeping with that, less headaches.

Source: www.fuelmate.co.uk
Source: www.fuelmate.co.uk

You know as well as I do that sifting through receipts, trying to determine which driver should be reimbursed and with how much is a big hustle. Then when you let few expenses slip through the cracks accidentally, things become even worse and you’re risking of losing some hard earned dollars.

When you use a fleet fuel card, you will know everything about the fuel purchase! You’ll know how much was spent, where it was spent, when it was spent, and by whom.

Source: cnc3.co.tt
Source: cnc3.co.tt

Moreover, you can have more control over how much is spent. A fleet fuel card can also place limitations on where fuel is bought, how much is bought, and for what purpose. With this the management will always know if the purchase was necessary and at a fair rate. Even better, they will have fuel management detailed reports on all transactions!

Last but not lease is the benefit of discounted fuel that you will get by using a fleet fuel card. In our industry purchasing fuel is same like breathing air. Fuel purchase is one of the bigger truck driving expenses besides truck maintenance.


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A fuel card will offer you unique deals for using it at select stations, such as rewards incentives or cash-back for every dollar spent or large discounts depending on the amount of fuel you purchase.

Which Fleet Fuel Card is the Best Option for You?

You have many options to choose from, but don’t let that fool you! Not all fleet fuel cards are same and can have the same benefits for you.

It will all depend on many things like: your business type, size- small/ big, owner operator or not, and so on…

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Watch what you are doing when choosing the fleet fuel card for your business, because choosing the wrong option can cost you more than money!

Anyway, here is just a quick look at the best fleet fuel card services based on your fleet size. Latter in my article I will go into much more detailed information and present you the 10 best fleet fuel card services out there.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Best Fleet Fuel Card for Small Trucking Companies

  • 360 Small Business Fleet Card;
  • Valero Fleet Credit Card;
  • Fleetcards USA.

Best Fleet Fuel Card for National Trucking Companies

  • Marathon Petroleum;
  • WEX Government Fleet Cards;
  • Fuelman.
Source: www.gofleet.com
Source: www.gofleet.com

Of course this few from above are by my opinion some of the best fleet fuel card services you can get, but we are all different people so anybody can jump in and give their piece of mind in the comment box bellow.

So, here without any further delay are the 10 best fleet fuel card services in USA. Hope you like my choices!

10 Best Fleet Fuel Card Services

There are many fleet cards, also known as fuel cards or gas cards! Yours it’s just to choose!



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