Top 10 Minneapolis Trucking Companies


Top 10 Minneapolis trucking companies are about to be exposed to you right now. You must be wondering what makes a trucking company a good trucking company.

There are several standards that need to be fulfilled for a trucking company to be on the top 10 list. Such things would be, annual revenue, as well as good customer service. Not to forget, the timely shipment, how long the company is involved into the industry etc.

Here is the list with the companies we found would be nice to read about and consider working for them or getting some of their wide range of services.

1. Koch Trucking

Koch Trucking located in Minneapolis is offering several services related to shipments. What they offer is Over – The – Road, Regional, Specialized,  Koch Dedicated, Technology and Koch Marine Fleet. What exactly these mean, we will state down below.

  • Over – The – Road – Koch Trucking provides high quality, experienced, customer service team with years of experience. They have all the necessary transportation solutions to meet everyone’s needs. Their drivers are professionals for OTR and Dedicated Fleets. Furthermore, they never compromise safety and use the newest equipments. Moreover, they have 750 power units as well as 3,000 dry vans.
  • Koch Dedicated – Koch Trucking does designing of a specific system that will allow customers to maintain control of their product’s delivery. And, they have managed to do this without the high cost of owning a shipping fleet. Thus, customers can can focus on the development, growth as well as profitability of their business.
  • Technology – Their drivers are professional and are able to receive settlement information through their Qualcomms, and electronic logs.
  • Regional
  • Specialized

Furthermore,their information technology group employs a very diverse team. They are all qualified professionals with over 90 years of combined experience. Moreover, there are technologies that Koch is utilizing to meet customers needs. Those are the following:

  • Truck and Trailer Satellite Tracking Via Qualcomm and Veriwise Data
  • Web Enabled Load Tracking
  • EDI Capable (with both Van and Direct FTP capabilities)
  • Custom Reporting Delivered to YOUR Email
  • Data Security/Disaster Recovery
  • Data Imaging
  • Detailed Lane and Freight Analysis

Koch Marine Fleet

The Koch Marine fleet is expert in the transportation of recreational powerboats across the United States and also Canada. Because of the extended experience, their drivers are the best marine transporters in the industry. So, all drivers are able to deliver to or from Canada and all are TWIC certified. Which means, they are allowed to make deliveries to many United States ports.

The Koch Marine professional team has over 20 years experience in the boating business. Therefore, they completely understand the needs of boat dealers as well as customers. They are aware of the importance of on time delivery. And, even more importantly damage free deliveries. Their motto is to always deliver the best way possible.

2. Quick Transport Solutions Inc.

Quick Transport Solutions is a real one-stop-shop. They manage everything companies would need to run their transportation as well as their freight logistics business.

Another option that they have is that they have the possibility on their website to post load or find trucks. But, not just that, companies can post trucks or find loads, look up carrier profiles, buy trucks. Also, other options available are finding jobs, browsing useful information as well as invoicing the customers for the work done.


The know how important is for their customers the cost saving and they are all about it. Therefore the main thing they offer to clients is simple and affordable service.Furthermore, they are keeping their prices affordable. But, not just that! They offer a lot of services for free too.

They know time means money in this business so they have that in mind. Thus, they make sure to give their clients the information they will need in order to run the business properly.

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They focus is always in providing the best customer service. They believe customers growth is their growth as well. So their success is mutual success as well.

What according to them is important is to listen carefully to their customers. Therefore, Quick TSI makes sure they respond in no time to their customers via  to emails or phone calls.

3. Contact Cartage Inc.

Contact Cartage Inc. is founded back in 1995. The owner of Contact Cartage Inc is Mr. Eric Valder. What they offer is a highly personalized and consistently dependable local cartage service. Thus, they service the greater Minneapolis/St Paul commercial area.


On their website customer are able to track their shipments online in real time. But, also any interested professional drivers can search for a job in the Careers option.

Furthermore, anyone can contact them through their website and ask questions. Their agents are one of the best out there. They always make sure to respond in a timely manner.

4. Admiral Merchants

Admiral Merchants used to be a part of the integration of three older trucking firms in the 1960s. Bob Short, a transportation proprietor, professional sports and real estate entrepreneur, purchased Merchants Motor Freight. Later on, he purchased Jack Cole/Dixie Highway Express as well.

Several years later he merged them both with his other company called Admiral Transit. With that done, he formed a new transportation company. This company provided LTL service from warehouses. Thus, they were able to cover the entire eastern part of the United States.


The owner, Bob Short joined the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Moreover, he served on the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Short completed the service in the Navy after the war. Furthermore, he was serving as a legislative officer in Washington, DC.

Back in 1961, he changed the name of the company from Admira Transit to Admiral Merchants. Later on, in 1972, in Admiral Merchants was opened a truckload special division. They were specializing in the steel industry at the moment.



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