Ultimate Guide of 10 Best New York Freight Brokers


New York Freight Brokers are one of the best and oldest freight brokerage companies.

Moreover, same as any other freight brokers, are acting as a connection. Therefore, they are basically like a wire between a company that needs a transportation of goods and a destination or another company.

The trucking industry in New York is in a constant growth. Every day there is a need of something to be transported from one place to another.

With this in mind, companies that need their goods to be transported will try to contact the best New York Freight Brokers. Because they would have the contact of the best carrier who has the capacity to move that goods to the final destination.

What Are Freight Brokers?

You must ask yourself what are freight brokers? Or even why are they even important? Can’t the job be done without them?

 The answer is simple!

 Freight brokers are the middleman between the shippers and the carriers.

Even though the shippers know most of the trucking companies, they would still contact some of the New York Freight Brokers. This is the way the industry has been working for a long time. Shippers feel more comfortable to contact a broker for a shipment of their goods.

Source: www.freightmoversschool.com
Source: www.freightmoversschool.com

And this is as it is due to the fact that New York Freight Brokers, have the exact experience they need. Not just the experience, but also the knowledge and the contact with the trucking companies that would fit the best for that particular shipment.

What Are Freight Brokers Responsibilities?

Many times people confuse freight brokers with freight forwarders. Those are two different job positions and they have different responsibilities as well. Correspondingly, the best freight brokers are among those in New York Freight Brokers.

Source: www.atsinc.com
Source: www.atsinc.com

Some of the most common freight broker’s responsibilities are:

  1. Perform freight services according to company and government regulations;
  2. Plan and coordinate pick-up and delivery schedules;
  3. Work with Shippers, Carriers, and Dispatchers to manage the schedules;
  4. Track and report shipment status to customers;
  5. Manage multiple deliveries, process spot requests and develop new sales strategies to improve business;
  6. Resolve freight discrepancies in a timely manner;
  7. Respond to customer concerns and queries professionally;
  8. Maintain positive and productive relationship with customers;
  9. Identify and contact qualified carriers for freight services;
  10. Negotiate contract and pricing agreements with carriers;
  11. Provide special discounts and promotions to customers;
  12. Contact current and potential customers for new business opportunities;
  13. Maintain strong relationship with multiple carriers;
  14. Ensure that freight paperwork is completed and approved before transportation;
  15. Maintain freight files and customer receipts for reference purposes;

 10 Best New York Freight Brokers

1. MK Freight

MK Freight is one of the leaders in the industry with more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, they are one of the leading third- party logistics company in the whole of North America, especially between the New York Freight Brokers.

Source: www.freightmoversschool.com
Source: www.freightmoversschool.com

Additionally, they did customize freight transport and shipping solutions. Today, they are an agency that is an industry- leading 3 PL provider working with Fortune 500 companies.

MK Freight has expanded a lot and they have offices in Canada and throughout the USA. In addition, they work with the best carriers and offer their customers services at competitive rates.


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At MK Fright brokers they know how important safety is in this industry. They always follow the safety standards. Thus, ensure the safety and security of their customer’s goods and their drivers.

2. USA Truck Brokers

USA Truck Brokers was founded in 2000. Back then many client transportation needs were not being met. However, today they deliver customer’s goods safely, and in an efficient manner.

The company was founded on the basis of over 25 years of transportation experience. USA truck brokers have extremely grown over the past ten years. They have always successfully served their clients with best costs. Today, they have over 2,500 clients as well as many vans and reefers.

Source: www.freightmoversschool.com
Source: www.freightmoversschool.com

The company has three offices which are located in South Florida and New York. USA Truck Brokers operates across the United States and throughout Canada and Mexico. Additionally, they offer 24 hours service.

Furthermore, USA Truck Brokers is a trusted leader in the load transportation and logistic’s industry today. As they say, they are really proud to serve their clients across North America including Canada and Mexico.

The company’s motto is that the clients deserve the best reliable service possible. As well as open communication in order to meet their needs and expectations.

3. Atlantic Logistics

Since 1979, Atlantic Logistics operates as a true partner for those that need transport and logistics supplier. Furthermore, they have been expediting the transport of goods between countries as well as between continents.

In like manner, they are a company that always looks for their client’s best interest. In addition, they are good at eliminating potential problems even before they appear.

Source: www.integratethis.ca
Source: www.integratethis.ca

They offer a wide range of services, which are:

  1. Air Freight
  2. Ocean Freight
  3. Extensive Worldwide Agents Network
  4. Marine Insurance & Surety Bonds
  5. Full Containers/LCL
  6. Project Shipments
  7. Refrigerated Cargo
  8. Oversize/Overweight Cargo
  9. Hazardous Materials
  10. Letters of Credit
  11. Import & Export routing
  12. Customs Tariffs & Regulations

4. Masterpiece International Ltd.

Masterpiece International Ltd. was established in 1989. And today it has over 200 employees. And all of them possess previous experience. That includes 30 licensed U.S. Customs brokers.

To continue with, their staff is experienced in many different types of entries. However, their specialties are reconciliation entries and FTZ documentation.

Masterpiece International Ltd. has 16 offices which are strategically placed throughout the USA. That ensures their clients have the benefit of their close relationship with Customs and other government agencies.

Source: www.masttruckinginc.com
Source: www.masttruckinginc.com

Their services include:

  • International Freight Forwarding for export and for imports through network of agents
  • LCL, FCL, Break-bulk, Out of Gauge Transport
  • Air and ocean consolidation services
  • NVOCC services
  • EEI/AES handling
  • Denied Parties Screening
  • In-bond transactions
  • Packing and crating
  • Local and long haul trucking
  • Letters of credit documentation
  • Vehicle title clearances
  • ATA carnet facilitation
  • Export Documentation including Certificates of Origin
  • Marine insurance
  • Hazmat certified
  • Document Legalization

5. ATC Express

ATC Express is a dedicated company that provides successful transportation and distribution services. They use their privately owned and operated fleet of vehicles.



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