Types Of Heavy Haul Permits You Need To Have When Hauling Large Loads


Hauling large loads is becoming more and more developed in the U.S. these days.

Hence, the transportation of oversize and overweight loads that exceed the standard legal size and weight must be followed by heavy haul permits. Yet, you must pay attention to load per axle limits as well.

Thereupon, the most commonly transported large loads in the USA trucking industry are:

  • Construction machines;
  • Containers;
  • Construction elements;
  • Generators;
  • Pre-built homes;
  • Generators;
  • Windmill propellers, and so on..

Later on, the overall transportation process of large loads every now and then can present a hazard to roadway structures, but as well as to the road traffic and passengers.

In order for these hazards to be put aside, the States Department of Transportation of each State has started to issue heavy haul permits many years ago. Since then, we can see that the estimated security improvement has been achieved thanks to the heavy haul permit itself.

Yet, what you should also be informed about straight at the very beginning is the fact that the legal dimensions and weights can vary from state to state. So, the heavy haul permits are in general specifying the route that the truck will be able to take as well as the dates and times during which it can perform the transportation process.

Furthermore, in this article you can read all about the different types of heavy haul permits that you need to have when hauling large loads.

So, let’s take a look!

Standard Requirements

Each USA State is regulating and maintaining their own set of state regulations. These state regulations include heavy haul permits.

So, as you can see the Federal Government is not responsible for issuing permits for heavy load hauling.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Despite that fact, each state has set the width and weight standards at the maximum when it comes to unusual load transportation.

Thereupon the standard requirements include the following points:

  • Width standards: the vehicle should not exceed 8 feet 6 inches;
  • Weight standards: 80 000 pounds in total vehicle weight;


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Thereupon, the vehicles/trucks that are exceeding these width and weight standards are considered to be oversized and overweight.

So, besides the fact that all states in the USA have their own set of rules and regulations, one thing remains to be the same. What all states have in common are the heavy haul permits requirements.

Source: www.junglekey.fr
Source: www.junglekey.fr

Further, the real reason why all states are establishing statutory limitations is due to the protection of any hazards or unnecessary inconveniences.

The intent of establishing statutory limitations is to protect the traveling public from hazard and unnecessary inconvenience. As well as to preserve the capacity and structural integrity of highways and bridges.

When is a permit needed?

Trucking companies that are specializing in hauling large loads have to bear in mind that before they give their truck drivers a route, they have to make an informed decision about the permits that they have to obtain.

Source: www.robsautocenter.com
Source: www.robsautocenter.com

Well, first of all, a trucking company should obtain heavy haul permit if it is hauling a vehicle, or a combination of vehicles, that is exceeding the maximum legal size. The maximum legal size can be exceeded both in size and weight.

Therefore, if your trucking company is transporting oversized or overweight loads, straight proportionally you will have to obtain a heavy haul permit prior to moving on highways and streets.

Source: www.freightratecentral.com
Source: www.freightratecentral.com

Moreover, the heavy haul permit is accompanied with few more rules and regulations. That is to say, every vehicle that is transporting oversized or overweight loads should be marked on front and rear with a sign that is reading “oversize/overweight load”.

Also, it is really important that the trucks that have obtained heavy haul permits to have low beam headlights lighted while they are performing the transportation process.

Heavy Haul Permits Applications, Heavy Haul Permits Transmissions and Heavy Haul Permits Fees

Since your trucking company is specializing in oversize and overweight transportation you will have to know everything about heavy haul permit applications, heavy haul permit transmissions as well as heavy haul permit fees.

Thereupon, if your trucking company wants to apply for heavy haul permit, then you should complete and fill the application form at least two days prior the date of the movement.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

When filling the heavy haul permit application, you shall not forget to provide the following information:

  • Width;
  • Length;
  • Height of the loads;

On the other hand there are permits that are covered by sections. These kind of permits are in general allowing two weeks in advance notice.

Yet, you should have in mind that in order for a permit to be issued, your application should undergo through studies, investigations as well as analysis. These steps are crucial since there are different types of heavy haul permits.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

Moreover, there is an option for the applications to be reproduced, as well as copies to be furnished upon request.

By and large, if you want to apply for heavy haul permit in regards of an over-weight load, then you will have to provide in your application form information about the axle loads as well as the axle spacing measured center to center in between each axle.

Heavy Haul Permits Types

Since there are different types of large loads, straight proportionally there are different types of heavy haul permits. Furthermore you can read and learn more about some of the most common heavy haul permit types. So, let’s take a look!

Heavy Haul Permits For Single Trip Movements

Thereupon, if your trucking company is not performing heavy haul on a regular basis, then most probably you will have to apply for heavy haul permits for single trip movements.

So, this type of heavy haul permit is being issued solely for one-way movement. In general heavy haul permits for single trip movements are valid only for 5 working days. Have this in mind if you are issuing permits for single trip movements!



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