Types Of Heavy Haul Permits You Need To Have When Hauling Large Loads


Hauling large loads is becoming more and more developed in the U.S. these days.

Hence, the transportation of oversize and overweight loads that exceed the standard legal size and weight must be followed by heavy haul permits. Yet, you must pay attention to load per axle limits as well.

Thereupon, the most commonly transported large loads in the USA trucking industry are:

  • Construction machines;
  • Containers;
  • Construction elements;
  • Generators;
  • Pre-built homes;
  • Generators;
  • Windmill propellers, and so on..

Later on, the overall transportation process of large loads every now and then can present a hazard to roadway structures, but as well as to the road traffic and passengers.

In order for these hazards to be put aside, the States Department of Transportation of each State has started to issue heavy haul permits many years ago. Since then, we can see that the estimated security improvement has been achieved thanks to the heavy haul permit itself.

Yet, what you should also be informed about straight at the very beginning is the fact that the legal dimensions and weights can vary from state to state. So, the heavy haul permits are in general specifying the route that the truck will be able to take as well as the dates and times during which it can perform the transportation process.



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