Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Pennsylvania Freight Brokers


Pennsylvania freight brokers are one of the most dedicated on the market.

This article will be useful for anyone out there who is searching for shipment services in Pennsylvania. Also, to any brokers interested in working for any of these companies.

We have talked before about Top 25 freight brokers in the USA. And now, we listed 10 best Pennsylvania freight brokers down below. Though this is a list made by me and it may vary for some people. Please feel free to take this as a starting point in making your own research regarding Pennsylvania freight brokers.

What are a Pennsylvania freight broker’s responsibilities

If you are new to this industry, you might ask yourself, what are Pennsylvania freight brokers daily responsibilities?

A Pennsylvania freight broker can be an individual or company for that matter that coordinates shippers with transportation services. All this is done in order to transport goods from one destination to another.

Source: www.freightmoversschool.com
Source: www.freightmoversschool.com

Pennsylvania freight brokers are responsible for coordinating authorized and reliable transportation carriers to the shippers and coordinating all of the shipping needs for many companies.

Pennsylvania freight brokers and any brokers are considered evil, in general. But, it is not like that at all.

In fact, Pennsylvania freight brokers job is one of the most stressful jobs out there. And, there are many things you need to know about freight brokerage. Let us show you few of the responsibilities Pennsylvania freight brokers have. Of course, it varies from company to company but these are the main ones:

  • Perform freight services according to company and government regulations;
  • Plan and coordinate pickup and delivery schedules;
  • Work with Shippers, Carriers, and Dispatchers to manage the schedules;
  • Track and report shipment status to customers;
  • Manage multiple deliveries, process spot requests and develop new sales strategies to improve business;
  • Resolve freight discrepancies in a timely manner;
  • Respond to customer concerns and queries professionally;
  • Maintain positive and productive relationship with customers;
  • Identify and contact qualified carriers for freight services;
  • Negotiate contract and pricing agreements with carriers;
  • Provide special discounts and promotions to customers;
  • Contact current and potential customers for new business opportunities;
  • Maintain strong relationship with multiple carriers;
  • Ensure that freight paperwork is completed and approved before transportation;
  • Maintain freight files and customer receipts for reference purposes;

10 Best Pennsylvania Freight Brokers

As any freight brokers, Pennsylvania freight brokers have one of the most stressful jobs out there. It is very important to acknowledge that. It will be most helpful in order to understand them and have a better communication. As well as get the best of the broker you will decide to work with.

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com
Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Let’s check the list and see why I’ve selected these 10 companies as the best Pennsylvania freight brokers.

1. Tazmanian Freight

Tazmanian Freight has few main focuses:

  • To empower the team to make business decisions that would ensure the customers’ satisfaction;
  • To be focused on strict attention to detail;
  • To encourage the teamwork in order to achieve goals;
  • To work hard to provide solutions regardless of circumstance;
  • To encourage getting and sharing knowledge so the team’s skills are constantly improving to ensure the best possible solutions for the clients;
Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

Tazmanian Freight services are designed to surpass the constantly changing logistics demands. Therefore, they offer solutions to transportation and logistics. As well as transportation and logistics jobs.

Thus, they solve the biggest challenges and are attentive during the entire process. They always make sure that the freight is secure. As well as timely and of course damage free.

They offer several services such as:

2. Steer Company

Steer Company is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, brokerage company in the industry; founded in 1905 called John Steer Co. But, they ensure us that their core values have not changed ever since. Thus, they always focus on honesty and integrity.

Today, they are offering full-service logistics, to international buyers and sellers. But, what is changed from the past is people and technology.

Source: www.steer.us.com.jpg
Source: www.steer.us.com.jpg

Additionally, their team is creative, collaborative and smart. Moreover, they are using the right tools and technology which together with their forward – thinking gives the best results.

They are aware that technology is important and that is why they invest in it. But, they know as well that logistics and business objectives are crucial.

Furthermore, they help their customers to explore the customized integration. As well as, automation and data exchange which can support the transportation of goods. And, documents and capital too.

3. Masterpiece International

Masterpiece International has one main focus. And, that is, and always has been, to offer their customers the best possible service. Thus, to move their art work and antiquities at a fair cost. They have founded the company back in 1989. Today, they are expanded into 16 offices throughout the United States.


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In addition, they have the staff of over 200 employees. Also, they have separate divisions. Thus, they have divisions that specialize in providing quality services to museums, galleries, art fair participants, auction houses and private clients.

Source: www.masterpieceintl.com.jpg
Source: www.masterpieceintl.com.jpg

Masterpiece International has a specialized International Logistics Division. Additionally, it provides premier logistics solutions to many industries. Furthermore, all the services they offer include customs brokerage, freight forwarding, insurance, project management, and much more.

4. Worldwide Express Inc.

Worldwide Express, Inc. has been founded for almost 20 years now. Ever since it has been providing the international trade community with great service. In addition, their staff has more than 100 combined years of experience in international trade.

Worldwide Express, Inc. offers services with personal and professional guidance in the International Market Place. In addition, they are a licensed Customs Broker, NVOCC’s and Foreign Freight Forwarders.

Furthermore, they have a wide knowledge and experience as a team. And, we all know those are the tools needed for success and profitability.

Source: www.alfayhaa-eyes.com
Source: www.alfayhaa-eyes.com



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