Important: New Medical and MVR Rule!

The US Department of Transportation is changing their rules every year. Not every one of them but at least 10 to 15 of them a year.

Someone would say that they are implementing new rules constantly and that it is hard to cope with and follow them.

However, the point of changing the rules and implementing new ones is in order to ease the life of drivers on the highway.

More importantly, to ease the entire process of documentation, or waiting for a particular process to be finished in the Department of Transportation.

The aim of the US DOT is to create simplicity in the complexity of transportation and the world of trucks.

What is Motor Vehicle Report?

To begin with, Motor Vehicle Report, shortly MVR is a driving record which shows the driving history. Notably, it includes information about the driver’s license.

For example, it includes the following information:

  • Past and Current Status of Driving Licenses (Suspensions, Revocations, and Cancellations)
  • Driver License’s Class
  • Endorsements
  • License Restrictions



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