Transportation Technology – New Way of Trucking


Transportation technology has started and is continuing to change the way that we are operating the transportation systems, the way we plan as well as design operations.

Yet, we’ve all been waiting for the advantages of the transportation technology!

One of the very first things that transportation technology will manage to do is to:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gasses;
  • Support The Economic Development;
  • Improve Air Quality;

Thereupon, the new transportation technologies are bringing with them the application of new materials or tools.


In general, truck drivers are depending on the following few factors:

  • Traffic Condition Reports;
  • Electronic Maps;
  • On-Board Vehicle Performance Monitors;
  • Real Time Transit Arrival Information;

Nevertheless, the transportation technology is going to improve all these key factors, and by that will improve the overall transportation process, while at the same time extending the broad set of procedures, methods, as well as organizational arrangements for the transportation process.



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