Transportation Technology – New Way of Trucking


Transportation technology has started and is continuing to change the way that we are operating the transportation systems, the way we plan as well as design operations.

Yet, we’ve all been waiting for the advantages of the transportation technology!

One of the very first things that transportation technology will manage to do is to:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gasses;
  • Support The Economic Development;
  • Improve Air Quality;

Thereupon, the new transportation technologies are bringing with them the application of new materials or tools.


In general, truck drivers are depending on the following few factors:

  • Traffic Condition Reports;
  • Electronic Maps;
  • On-Board Vehicle Performance Monitors;
  • Real Time Transit Arrival Information;

Nevertheless, the transportation technology is going to improve all these key factors, and by that will improve the overall transportation process, while at the same time extending the broad set of procedures, methods, as well as organizational arrangements for the transportation process.

So, let’s learn more about what transportation technology can bring to the trucking industry and your trucking company!

Reinventing Trucks With Transportation Technology

The very first trucks were invented 120 years ago, yet nowadays with the new transportation technology, we are in the position to reinvent it.

In fact, the transportation was largely transformed in the late 20th century with the help of computers. The contribution of the transportation technology can be seen in the better control of the transmission, temperature as well as brakes.

Later on, not only that the transportation technology is helping truck drivers, but as well it is helping dispatchers too. These days’ dispatchers are able to manage more trucks with increased efficiency.

Although some people in the trucking industry have the statement that new technologies will lead to disruption of established ways of doing things, and are seeing this as a negative step, the reality is quite different.


On the positive side, the transportation technology will lead to intelligent highways, freight hauling apps as well as self-driving trucks. All these things will change the transportation industry in a good way!

Have in mind that self-driving trucks will contribute to the breakthroughs of automated manual transportation technology. Also, this new transportation technology will follow the mandated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


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By this we can see that the transportation technology is amazing itself, it results in a better economy as well as in an easier operation for truck drivers.

The process of reinventing trucks with transportation technology has led to connecting highways with Internet of Things enabled sensors. These sensors will help for an easier determination of driverless trucks’ visibility.


In reality, the USA is pretty much open to transportation technology, as an example, we have the State of Ohio. This State is already investing $15 million in a Smart Mobility Corridor in order to test IOT.

By reinventing the truck with the help of the newest transportation technology we might come at the situation where 1.7 million truck drivers can find themselves on the passenger side of the cabin, while the self-driving truck is operating.


Moreover, the key component of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is, in fact, the Innovative Technology Deployment Program. This program has been issued by the FMCSA with the aim to improve commercial vehicle safety.

So, all manufacturers who are designing and manufacturing self-driving trucks with the help of the transportation technology should have in mind that their truck will have to go through numerous tests.

Yet, every here and now we can meet people that are hesitant for the integration of new technologies and by that they are limiting the implementation of self-driving trucks.

Still, technology is moving much faster than society!

1. Telematics

Telematics represents the fastest growing sector. This sector is providing an explosion of apps.

But, what in fact is the role of Telematics?


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Well, Telematics is mainly providing long-distance transmission of computerized transportation technology information. That is to say, Telematics is an enabler of other technologies.

As an enabler of other technologies, Telematics is, in general, encompassing the telecommunications, road transportation, vehicle technologies, road safety and so on.


So, this is just a part of what Telematics can do for your trucking business:

  • Telematics can provide an easier truck platooning by enabling vehicle to vehicle communication;
  • Can increase the safety while acting as a platform for intelligent transportation systems;
  • The software over the air can allow OEMs to update vehicle software remotely;

2. Platooning

The method of increasing the capacity of roads by grouping vehicles into platoons is called platooning. These days many trucking companies in the USA are adopting this transportation technology.

Moreover, this transportation technology is allowing trucks, that is to say, platoons to decrease the distances between the trucks and cars. Truckers can achieve platooning by using an electronic or mechanical coupling.


Speaking of the advantages that this transportation technology called platooning can bring to trucking companies, we can see that at least it can bring you savings up to 10% by the rear truck when performing two truck platooning.

It is expected in the future that trucking companies will move away from single fleet platooning to an open participants’ model- platooning with more trucks. Yet, it will be even more efficient.

3. Safety Technology

In the foreground, the trucking industry these days is based on several safe transportation technologies. Part of the safety transportation technology that trucking companies are using includes:

  • Stability control;
  • Antilock braking systems;
  • Lane departure warning;
  • Collision avoidance systems;
  • Interior and rear cameras;
  • Blind spot warning devices;
  • Side monitor cameras and sensors;

The creation of regulations on collision avoidance is being conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has a mission to save lives, to reduce the economic costs due to road traffic as well as to prevent injuries.

If you are still in doubt whether to invest in safety transportation technology, have in mind that this type of technology can reduce accidents as well as the high cost that comes all together with accidents.

4. Fuel Efficiency- Fuel Optimization Tool

We all know the certainty that the trucking industry is the backbone of the U.S. economy. As such the trucking industry is the biggest fuel spender.



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