What To Keep In Your Truck – Life-Saving Advice From Veteran Truck Driver

Truck drivers have the option to purchase pre-made toolkit, or to make it by themselves.

A wind-up radio

In general, a wind-up radio converts electricity from the mechanical energy of winding mechanism. This winding mechanism might come in the form of small electric generator.

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So, additionally, truck drivers might be in need of one, especially in winter.

By simple winding truck drivers can get to know what the state of the road is, and whether the conditions have improved.

A First Aid Kit

Accidents are not wished, but they do happen in daily life. So, definitely, the answer on what to keep in your truck includes a first aid kit!

By keeping a first aid kit, truck drivers can help respond effectively to common injuries, emergencies, or accidents. After all, the importance of first aid is hard to overestimate.

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In case truck drivers find themselves in some accident, thanks to the first aid kit they can ensure that the right methods of administering medical assistance are provided.

Jumper cables

The jumper cables are electric cables that are used to connect two road vehicles.

Thereupon, the jumper cables are of a great importance and help especially in winter time when you might find your truck not starting well.


So, what truck drivers can do in such situations is to make use of the jumper cables and call for a help from a colleague of yours to start the truck.

Ice Scraper

The ice scraper is the most used tool by truck drivers during winter.

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Generally, ice scrappers are tools that are used by truck drivers to remove ice, frost, and snow. These tools are composed of a plastic blade and handle. Preferably these tools come with a brush.

Without ice scrapers, truck drivers would be faced with a difficulty to keep the windows clear.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary fuel tanks come in various shapes and sizes, such as are the following ones:

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Long distances, high fuel prices as well as harsh elements can lead truck drivers in becoming stranded due to running out of fuel.

Thereupon, auxiliary fuel tanks are just one more “must have item” in your truck all the time, especially in winter.

Truck drivers should be constantly prepared to face the challenges that winter brings with the help of auxiliary fuel tanks.

When truck drivers have an auxiliary tank in their truck, then they won’t face the urge to rely on a truck stop station since they have a backup option.

Signal Device

Unfortunately, signaling devices might be the last chance for truckers who are stuck on the road in winter.

That is why all truckers should get informed about all types of signal devices. Starting from the high-tech modern electronics up to the primitive techniques.

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Although, it might be the case that the most under-practiced winter survival tip, but signaling should be taken more seriously.

Tip from a veteran truck driver on what to keep in your truck: Road flares represents a good option for truck drivers who want to increase their visibility on stormy and snowy nights.

Extra Medication

Since the chances of getting stranded in winter are high, truck drivers should make sure not to run out of their necessary and essential medication.

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Here is the essential extra medication that each truck driver should have in his survival kit:


This medication will relieve your pain. It is both used for fever reduction and thinning the blood.

In addition, the aspirin is helping people in the recovery from a heart attack.


When speaking about pain relief medicine one must not forget the ibuprofen. This medication is reducing the inflammation and swelling.

At the same time, it is a fever reducer too.

Cough Control

Winter weather do bring influenza, sinus infections as well as allergies.  In order to fight these conditions truck drivers should have on their disponibility cough control medications.

These medications come in liquid as well as pill form.


When truck drivers are feeling discomfort and are fighting with an SHTF situation, then they would take a use of a little laxative pill.

Laxatives are a must for truck drivers because they usually have body discomfort due to the type of food that they are consuming.

Moreover, the food that truck drivers are eating can lead them to constipation- and if this condition is not treated on time it has the power to kill.


Many truck drivers do overlook vitamins. Yet, vitamins are the most important thing that they should have in their survival kit.


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What makes vitamins to be an essential part of truck drivers’ survival kit is the fact that truck drivers due to the food and water they are consuming often are faced with a vitamin deficiency.

The body and the immune system have the need of vitamins and minerals in order to function normally!

Rock salt

When winter storms hit, truck drivers are faced with twisted and treacherous roads.

So, if truck drivers have to escape a bad spot on the road, then they can get a bit of traction thanks to rock salt.

Thereupon, having a rock salt in your truck is one more essential that can help you survive winter weather and to get to the final destination without any problem.

Air compressor

The fact that cold weather can lead to a loss of tire pressure is widely known. So, truck drivers should always carry an air compressor with them.

Truck drivers can maintain a good tire pressure at all times only with the help of air compressor.

Survival tips

Here are few important survival tips that truck drivers could count on during winter:

Prepare your vehicle

Make sure you keep your gas tank at least half full, and you have prepared an auxiliary fuel tank.

Be easy to find

Use GPS tracking devices or tell someone where you are going and the route you will take.

Stay in your vehicle

Walking in a storm can be very dangerous because you might become lost or exhausted. So, in these type of situations staying in the truck is the best solution for truck drivers.

Avoid Overexertion

Shoveling snow or pushing your car takes a lot of effort in storm conditions. Truck drivers should not put themselves at risk of a heart attack or injury.



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