What To Keep In Your Truck – Life-Saving Advice From Veteran Truck Driver

Winter is the season when truck drivers make lots of money.

Yet, winter life on the road brings dangers and hazards for the big-rig drivers.

So, it brings the well-known question – What to keep in your truck?

In order to stay safe and sound, truck drivers should take advantage of the winter life-saving tips from veteran truck drivers.

Knowing what to keep in your truck before you hit the road is crucial.

First of all, what truck drivers should pay attention to always, especially in winter, is to keep their trucks in its fittest possible state. Truck drivers shouldn’t let anything to chance.

So, before you find out which are the essentials that you have to keep in your truck during winter, first you will have to make sure that your truck has passed regular servicing and maintenance.

Later on, the second thing that truck drivers should do after they ensure that their truck is in the perfect driving condition is to make their own survival kit!

Further, in this article, you can read and learn winter life-saving tips from veteran truck drivers.

So, let’s find out what to keep in your truck during winter!


Water is definitely one of the most important essentials that over the road truck driver should carry with him when on the road.

Depending on the space that truck drivers have available in their truck cabin, they can take water in gallon jugs, or they can take smaller bottles.

Tip from a veteran truck driver on what to keep in your truck: Veteran truck drivers recommend a gallon per person.

Source: learn.allergyandair.com

Yet, if you have more space available, and at the same time you are heading over a long route, then you can take between 5 to 10 gallons.

Having water in your truck during winter is essential.

Truck drivers should not forget that fact!


When it comes to food, we all know that from full-on meals up to tiny little snacks, truck drivers should carry it all.

So, what to keep in your truck?
Regardless of the season- but especially in winter, truck drivers should have essentials in their truck such as are:

  • Meals that can be served hot;
  • Canned food;
  • Dried foods;
  • Protein bars, and so on;
Source: www.confectionerynews.com

Thereupon, the winter icy conditions coupled with the freezing temperatures can affect many different things. That is why truck drivers should always have food in their truck- and eventually a cooking device, such as a 12-volt oven.

Boots, Spare Clothes, and Extra Socks

Boots, spare clothes, and extra socks can be handy in winter situations.

By having the right boots, truck drivers can handle all types of winter situations. That way, water, mud as well as snow won’t represent any problem.

Moreover, on the other hand, we have the spare clothes that can keep truck drivers warmer in cold weather.

Tip from a veteran truck driver on what to keep in your truck:  Always have extra socks and spare clothes by your side!

Source: www.raesofnorthpoint.com

Layers are the key! So be careful what to keep in your truck!

Winter conditions in the USA every now and then can get really bad, so straight proportionally truck drivers should help themselves to keep warm.

And what a better way to heat yourself than by putting on some more layers of winter clothes.


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What to keep in your truck? Well, the shovel is one of the things that you definitely have to have in your truck during winter.

The shovel is of a great importance for truck drivers in winter.

Source: www.gerbergear.com

Yet, it remains to be the most overlooked items. So, if you were wondering what to keep in your truck- make sure to never forget a shovel.

The prime purpose of the shovel is to dig, lift or move bulk materials. In this case, truck drivers can use it to dig snow.

Having a shovel in your truck can get you out of bad snow related situations.

Blanket or Sleeping Bag

Do you know how many times truck drivers have found themselves stuck on the highways during winter? Can you guess now what to keep in your truck?

So, what you can do when preparing your emergency kit, is to get a blanket or sleeping bag.

By having these two items you will definitely stay warm in any situation you might find yourself in.

Tip from a veteran truck driver on what to keep in your truck:   It is vital for truck drivers to keep themselves warm during winter!

Emergency Battery Pack For Your Electronics

How many batteries should you keep in your emergency kit?

Source: all-battery.com

Having an extra cache of batteries and portable power sources is a must for truck drivers.

What truck drivers should do is to consider battery powered requirement if it happens that they find themselves in an emergency power outage.

Tip from a veteran truck driver on what to keep in your truck: Always have an emergency battery pack to charge your phone.


Flashlights are truck drivers’ best friend when they find themselves in unwanted situations. So what to keep in your truck in order to help yourself in any unwanted situation?

Source: www.superbrightleds.com

In addition, flashlights can help truck drivers to navigate easily through the darkness.

Truck drivers can as well use flashlights for signaling as well.

So, over the road truck driver should keep one in his truck!

Tool Kit

Toolkits are yet one more essential that truck drivers should carry with them all the time, especially in winter.


Due to the weather conditions, it might happen that your truck needs additional vehicle repairs. So, if you find yourself in such situation, then you could make use of the toolkit to temporarily fix your truck and get to a better location.



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