What To Keep In Your Truck – Life-Saving Advice From Veteran Truck Driver

That work can also make you hot and sweaty- wet clothing loses insulation value, which can lead to hypothermia.

If stuck

If a truck driver finds himself stuck on the road then he should tie a fluorescent flag (from your kit) on the antenna or hang it out the window.

At night, keep your dome light on so that rescue crews can get to you.

Don’t expect to be comfortable

Getting stuck in the middle of load transportation during winter is not comfortable at all.

So, what truck drivers have to have on their mind in that kind of situation is that the only thing that they have to do is to survive until they are found.

Fresh Air

What to keep in your truck- well it might be silly when you first hear it, but keeping a fresh air in your truck cab has a lot of benefits. Keep in mind that it is better to be cold and awake than comfortably warm and sleepy.


All in all, driving a class 8 truck from one point to another through several states is not an easy task at all. It is crystal clear that truck drivers are faced with a real challenge- which is to face snow storms successfully, to stay safe and sound and to transport the loads on time to the final destination. Does it lead them to the question- what to keep in your truck?

I do hope that these winter life-saving tips that you had the chance to read this article will be of your great use if you find yourself in an unwanted situation. But in one thing I’am completely sure, these winter life-saving tips will help you stay compliant with the following regulatory bodies: FHA, ETA, ATA, FMCSA, OSHA, as well as TSA.

So, get these items, make your survival kit and stay safe and sound this winter!



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