10 Best GPS Devices with Bluetooth

10 Best GPS Devices with Bluetooth

And if you were to lose your other means of navigation there are no worries as the Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator is all you really need.

Source: www.stereowiseplus.com
Source: www.stereowiseplus.com

This type of nice little GPS devices with Bluetooth comes within average pricing range and many say worth every penny. It has a standard 5 inch screen with generous maps that are constantly updated.

And like most others it too offer free traffic reports as well as a video camera. So again your dream of becoming a YouTube star may come true!

9. Magellan SmartGPS

Next up we have yet another fine example of the many good GPS devices with Bluetooth.

This little darling is the Magellan SmartGPS. It might not be smart enough to physically drive your truck but it is guaranteed to get you to your final destination, even when others don’t.

This type of GPS devices with Bluetooth offers many great features to in Wi-Fi links and even cloud based backups!

Source: www.papitv.com
Source: www.papitv.com

The Magellan SmartGPS is considered by some to be a very innovative approach to the standard GPS device with Bluetooth. It comes in at the average weight and price for GPS devices.

The screen is a nice 5 inches in size. This device of course comes standard with real time traffic updates.

It of course also offer map updates to keep your map as current as road construction will allow.

10. Boss BV960NV

Though I touched on some of the more popular GPS devices with Bluetooth you might want to consider something else. And that something else is the Boss. This bad boy commands attention and take full control of navigating your route.

If you are looking the best bang for your buck you might want to consider the Boss BV960NV. Because these guys are more than just a navigation system, they are the Boss.

Source: www.soundoftristate.com
Source: www.soundoftristate.com

They have a nice sized screen which is 6.2 inches! It offers many of the usual perks like map updating and of course everyone’s favorite traffic reports. Additionally though this GPS devices with Bluetooth offer a few other features.

An AM/FM receiver, it plays other audio files, a built-in microphone, and a remote control.

Now how cool is that? So if you’re more about the adventure of the trip than just reaching your destination let the Boss show you how it is done!

A Few Final Thoughts About Your GPS Devices with Bluetooth

Ok so you can see there are several different models. The prices range from just over one hundred dollars to almost a thousand (some can be more).

Remember you do get what you pay for!

However, that doesn’t mean you must rush out and purchase the most expensive GPS devices with Bluetooth available on the market either.

Source: www.cnet4.cbsistatic.com
Source: www.cnet4.cbsistatic.com

Obviously, proper care and treatment is important. You want to keep it clean and not touch the screen with your greasy fingers from eating take-outs.

Also, something else to consider is that you don’t let sit in direct sunlight for too long. The newer devices are much better than they were years ago, but still the sun constantly beating down on the screen is not good for it.

Source: www.des.chinabrands.com
Source: www.des.chinabrands.com

Here’s a little something else to consider when using navigational aids. You need to be aware of any laws or regulation regarding the use of GPS devices with Bluetooth. You  don’t want to get ticket over for using a distraction device.

Basically, anything can distract you from the task of driving. Ok, maybe not anything like talkative passenger. But like you should not use cell phone or there could be laws restricting the use of GPS devices.

Let’s make it clear! When I said not using the GPS I meant not playing on it while driving! Set it up before the trip not while on a major highways!

Source:  www.pocketnavigation.de
Source:  www.pocketnavigation.de

Now you might be thinking is this for real? Well yes, as a matter of fact it is. In 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), reports are showing  that over 421,000 people were involved in accidents involving a distracted driver. Of those 3328 were actually killed. These figures do not just include cellphones but GPS devices as well!


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So, just make sure you are well aware of the laws in the state you will be travelling though. Make sure they allow for the use of such devices. If you can get the hands-free voice activation models it would be best. These will not only keep you out of trouble but safe from harm as well.


So, as you can see finding GPS devices with Bluetooth is easy; heck you don’t even need a GPS to find it! There are many uses for them and many advantages to having GPS devices with Bluetooth. It really just depends on how much you plan to spend and what you need it for.

Some drivers run strictly local routes and they can get away without having GPS devices with Bluetooth. However, many other truck drivers travel over-the-road, perhaps for a week or more at a time and they need the GPS devices with Bluetooth as much as they need the fuel to run their trucks!

So whether you’re sitting in your trucks’ comfy captain’s chair at the dock waiting to be unloaded or stretched out asleep on your truck mattress finding your next destination is easy. Heck it’s actually takes more time to check your tires and do a pre-trip inspection than it does to plug in a destination on GPS devices with Bluetooth.

Obviously there are options and choices. Do you want GPS devices with Bluetooth that is stand alone device, or do you want it as an app on your Smartphone? The advantage is that your phone is free for other use (provided you have a proper hands free device). The disadvantage is you have an added device to care for and keep charged.

What kind of GPS devices with Bluetooth do you use? What recommendations would you offer to some trying to buy GPS devices with Bluetooth? Share your thought and suggestions with us in the comment box bellow.



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