10 Discover Best Trucker Hats 4

10 Discover Best Trucker Hats

Back then people tended to use the term ‘gimme hat’ instead of trucker hat because they had been receiving the hats for free as a gift and as an advertisement.

10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.etsy.com

The original hats were made out of foam which after several years was replaced with 100% cotton that helped with the sweat control of the head and improved the air ventilation.

From a simple, casual and up to date, trucker hats being easy to wear and looking stylish have evolved into a trendy accessory to every day outfit, available in many colours and different styles.

2. Trucker Hats As Protection

All truck drivers know that choosing the best trucker hat is as much important as choosing the perfect driving shoes or the perfect trucker t-shirt . Trucker hats as a protective headgear provide to truck drivers the much needed protection from the sun by blocking the UV rays that fall upon their face.

In order for truck drivers to have the optimal protection they should pay attention especially on the shape, colour and length of the bill. The recommended length of a bill in order to cover all the face is three to five inches.



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