10 Discover Best Trucker Hats 4

10 Discover Best Trucker Hats

8. Trucker Hats As Advertising Material

Trucker hats represent a good advertising material for creating brand awareness and to promote every company, any type of logo can be embroidered on custom hats. By creating custom embroidered ‘gimme ’hats you can easily promote your business by giving them away as gifts for an advertising pitch.


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One of the first and at the same time oldest company that used this method of advertising pitch was Deere And Company (John Deere) a corporation that is manufacturing agricultural, construction and forestry machinery. Since the 80’s John Deere hats appears to be a good way of promotion through the rural communities. Hats are also good for an advertising pitch because of their durability.

10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.rungreen.com

9. The First Manufacturer Of Hats In America- Bollman Hat Company

The oldest manufacturer of hats in America is The Bollman Hat Company, founded in 1868. At present The Bollman Hat Company has shops on four continents and has more than 300 employees. The showrooms of The Bollman Hat Company are located in: Denver, Colorado; New York; London; Sydney; San Angelo. The main mission of this company is to increase shareholder value and to provide growth opportunities.

10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.bollmanhats.com

10. Top 5 trucker hat brands nowadays

The highest rated 5 trucker hat brands nowadays are:

   Patagonia 10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.dickssportinggoods.com
Description about the company – Patagonia Patagonia is a company that used to make only tools for climbers. As this small company grew bigger they widened the production and now they are making clothes for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, trail running.
Goorin Bros 10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.ourdailybreadalbany.com
Description about the company – Goorin Bros Goorin Brothers Company is dating since 1895, it was founded in Pennsylvania by Cassel Goorin who had brought with him a cart with drawings of hats and passion for making them. The Goorin Brothers (sons of Cassel Goorin) in the following years had expanded the company to a wholesale business and relocated it to San Francisco.
Prana 10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.backcountry.com
Description about the company – Prana Prana is a company which is concentrated on producing clothes for yogis and climber’s .The company was incorporated in California in 1992. The founders started the company production with homemade recycled paper .Prana is working on sustainability and they are using organic materials
Filson 10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.filson.com
Description about the company – Filson Filson company was born in 1850 located in Seattle, Washington. Comfort, protection and durability never went out of style for this company, after all these years of production they never changed the way of making their goods.
The North Face 10 Discover Best Trucker Hats Source: www.backcountry.com
Description about the company – The North Face The North Face was formed in 1968 by two hiking enthusiasts of San Francisco; their mantra was ‘Never Stop Exploring’. The North Face constantly delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, footwear, and headwear.


Whether traditional, low profile, camouflage or designer made – trucking hats are very functional, practical and inexpensive. Trucking hats make a perfect match in everyone’s daily wear.  On the market there is a wide variety of trucker hats available and that makes it easier for everyone to choose a hat regarding to their style and personality.



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