10 Secrets to Know Before Buying a Best GPS

Source: www.marinolaw.com.au
Source: www.marinolaw.com.au

Here are few questions that you have to ask yourself and check before signing the GPS contract:

  1. What will happen to your monthly rate after your contract is up?
  2. Is a month-to-month agreement available? How does that affect the quoted price?
  3. What happens after your X-number of year’s contract is up? Do you own the equipment at that point?

You should get the most realistic answers possible because these are the essential ones in the process of determining whether the potential best GPS you want to buy is the best choice for your trucking company’s fleet.

Be as it may, the best GPS system providers are requiring long-term contracts, but bear in mind that long-term contracts are not your only option.

There is a big competition for GPS tracking devices out there so you can make the choice to take advantage of the competitive market.

5. Ask About The GPS Data Storage Size

In general, when speaking about the best GPS storage data size, we can see that almost all GPS devices can store the maximum of:

  • 50 routes;
  • 000 way-points;
  • 20 tracks;

As you can see this best GPS data storage size is not enough for over the road truckers. Simply, it is not realistic to store and load all routes and way-points into your GPS device at once. That is so because the maps are in fact large files and do require more storage.

Source: www.trucknews.com
Source: www.trucknews.com

So, if the GPS device cannot store all maps that the truck driver is in need of, what his options would be?

Speaking of that, the best option for truck drivers who are driving longer routes would be to bring a laptop. It can solve the problem for sure. With the help of the laptop, the truck driver could download the tracks and maps, whereas cleaning the old data on the GPS, then upload new data.

Yet, one more option that you will have is to convert the routes to tracks, that way you will save data storage space because the tracks use less space.

Nevertheless, the more data storage capabilities the best GPS device has the better for you.

6. There Will Be GPS Updates In The Future – Are They Free?

For over the road truck drivers the highways are their home- their class 8 trucks, because they spend most of their time rolling.

Straight proportionally while they are rolling on the road have limited time for delivery and pickup, that is to say, they have to be time-efficient, and in order to be so, they have the need of the best GPS device.

So, as you know by now there are many factors that can determine which is the best GPS, those factors include the features, profitability, screen size as well as the easy map update.

These days you can choose from many GPS systems that have already installed maps.

Source: www.sustuu.com
Source: www.sustuu.com

Most commonly the maps that come altogether with the best GPS are minimal and do not cover many points of interest and up-to-date routing information. So, what many GPS manufacturers have come up with a solution is manual updating of the maps on their individual company websites.

Thereupon, by determining which type of global positioning system you are using right now, you will be in the position to download the maps from the right system.

Vaguely, you will be able to update the maps on your GPS device via connecting to your computer, from a map disc or via the unit itself. Last but not least, these updates are most commonly for free.

Source: www.bjs.com
Source: www.bjs.com

On the other hand, there are the manufacturers that have noticed that their customers want to update their maps, and in order to fulfill their needs, they have included lifetime map updates- available quarterly.

7. Be Sure That The GPS Features Are Covering Your Requirements

When choosing the best GPS for your trucking company you should be sure that the GPS features will cover your requirements. Yet, there are many trucking companies these days that have already invested in GPS tracking tools and are now enjoying its benefits.

Equivalently, the best GPS tracking device will enable your trucking company to have a widespread fleet. So if you choose the GPS with the right features that are going to cover your requirements you will enhance the ability for your trucking company to become more reliable and more responsive in the trucking industry.

Source: www.shopfactory.com
Source: www.shopfactory.com

So, here is what will happen to your trucking company if you choose the best GPS system that will fulfill your requirements:

Cost-effective transportation solutions

The best GPS system for providing speed information as well as feedback to truckers is helping in lowering fuel cost That is to say is leading to cost-effective transportation solutions.


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Also, the best GPS by tracking the real time location of the fleet can pinpoint the nearest truck stop, as well as the best route that will lead the trucker to the destination point.

More efficient tracking capabilities

Carriers who are already using the best GPS system have become more responsible and accountable, which on the other hand has led them to improve their reputation into more reliable and trustworthy to their loyal clients.

Improved logistics and faster transportation

As I mentioned before the trucking companies which are using the best GPS technology are on the right track on becoming more reliable in the trucking industry.

With the aim of the latest GPS technology, the dispatchers are in the position to map and to choose the best routes for their truck drivers while decreasing the chance of down time and late load delivery.

Greater employee productivity and management

Not only that you will increase the reliability of your trucking company, but also you will experience a greater employee productivity and management by using the best GPS technology.



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