Summer Trucking Heat Hacks – 15 Tips to Stay Cool


Summer trucking has already begun in the USA. But, did you know that summer trucking brings as many difficulties as freezing temperatures of winter do?

During summer months truck drivers should keep their truck prepared for summer trucking. Simply, they should implement few specific maintenance points set up for hot temperatures.

On the other hand, besides preparing the truck for summer trucking, truck drivers should as well prepare themselves for summer. Because extreme heat is most commonly interconnected with falling asleep on the wheel, with exhaustion as well as with numerous other dangerous situations for truckers.

Remember: A single truck part failure can lead to numerous other issues that is to say to a chain of events.

Henceforth, in this article, you will have the chance to learn few summer trucking heat hacks. So, let’s take a look!

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.1: Cooling System /Air Conditioning System

As we know, hot weather can take a toll on summer trucking. Thereupon, the very first hack that truck drivers should take into consideration when summer begins is checking the antifreeze concentration levels.

That is so, because if the antifreeze is off, then the cooling system wouldn’t be in the condition to operate efficiently. It can even fail in warm weather.


Hence, the truck driver should inspect it all. Starting from the radiator mounts up to the fan clutch. Basic maintenance of the cooling module is a must.

Yet, the basic maintenance should include washing of the air conditioning condenser and radiator. It will help in pushing the debris away.

While performing this operation, the truck driver should be very careful not to cause any damage to the fan blades with the wash wand. Only when the condenser is clean and free of debris only then it can work properly.


Therefore, truck drivers should pay attention to the AC and its maintenance because if it happens that the AC fails the driver won’t be able to perform the delivery on time. And we all know, delivery delays lead to less pay. No truck driver wants that.

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.2: Check The Tires

Did you know that heat makes the rubber in tires break down faster during summer trucking? Well, it is and that’s why truck drivers should remember to check the tread depth on a regular basis.

In addition, what is also closely interconnected with tire safety is over or under tire inflation? Therefore monitoring tire pressure is a must as well. Have in mind that tires that are not properly inflated can lead to a blowout during summer trucking.


Remember: Tire pressure should match with the pressure that is required to handle the load. An accurate reading can be obtained with a calibrated pressure gauge.


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Therefore, what is really important to check as well is the point whether the tire has any uneven wear.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the wheels themselves, because wheels as well can be cracked and that can lead to unwanted situations.

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.3: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during summer is a must, especially if you are a truck driver rolling on the road constantly. Thereupon in order to stay hydrated truck drivers should keep a case of water of large bottles in the cabin with them.


Moreover, staying hydrated is of a great importance because that way you will avoid feeling sluggish and exhausted. Dehydration can even make you nauseous.

If you are looking forward to staying hydrated while on the road you can also take into consideration having healthy snacks around you. Fruits and vegetables also contain a significant amount of water.

Yet, did you know that ice cold bottle of water can help you put away back aches? Well, luckily it can, ice cold bottle of water is the equal as an ice pack. Truck drivers are well known with this heat and back pain hack.

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.4: Watch for extreme weather

It is no secret that summer weather can be unpredictable. Truck drivers who are operating during summer months can witness numerous thunderstorms as well as extreme heat waves. That is why truckers are always precautions and are checking the weather forecast on a constant basis.


Thereupon, extreme weather can lead to slick road, which is a nightmare for summer trucking. In order for the truck driver to protect himself and be prepared for such situations is to reassure that the brakes, as well as tires, are in a proper condition.

Later on, a hot temperature can have a huge impact on brakes as well as on tires, which is why truckers should always perform a regular inspection. Hence, this summer trucking heat hack can save you time and at the same time keep you cool.


Consequently, keep your CB radio tuned to a weather station and remain informed about the direction of the upcoming storms!

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.5: Protect Yourself From The Sun

Here we go to the summer trucking heat hack no.5. Protecting yourself from the sun is essential!

Hot summer days will bring the sun down through the driver’s side window of the truck. Truck drivers can feel the sun rays especially when on the open road.


Since you are a truck driver who is rolling on the roads on a constant basis, I do believe that at least once in your career you have experienced “Trucker’s Arm”. It happens to truck drivers because the sun always gets only to their left arm. It’s almost inevitable.

Thereupon what truckers can do in order to avoid “Trucker’s Arm” is to use sun cream on a daily basis, as well they can wear long sleeves or cover half of their window (not that safe).

Be as it may, just find your perfect combination and stay protected from the sun!

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.6: Check the Brakes

A Proper function of the brake is of a great importance for safe driving. Thereupon you should be alerted during summer because of the fact that hot temperatures can lead to brake malfunction.



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