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Fun trucking is a real thing!

In the trucking industry, there are so many fun facts. Even though it is a serious job there are many fun trucking moments to spice up the long driving hours. Truckers are a great group of people performing a very important service for the society. Some industry facts are thought-provoking, others are really funny and some are simply cool.

You might ask yourself how many trucks does the U.S. have? Or, how much fuel do truckers really consume? What’s the longest truck ever? How about the fastest?

We answer all these and more down below! So, just keep reading!

Fun Trucking Facts

We can start now with the fun trucking facts! So, how many trucks does the United States really have?


The number of trucks that operate in the United States alone is estimated to roughly 15.5 million trucks. The LTL shippers take around 13.6 percent only. From those 15.5 million trucks, 2 million are tractor trailers.



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