Summer Trucking Heat Hacks – 15 Tips to Stay Cool

That is so, because if the antifreeze is off, then the cooling system wouldn’t be in the condition to operate efficiently. It can even fail in warm weather.


Hence, the truck driver should inspect it all. Starting from the radiator mounts up to the fan clutch. Basic maintenance of the cooling module is a must.

Yet, the basic maintenance should include washing of the air conditioning condenser and radiator. It will help in pushing the debris away.

While performing this operation, the truck driver should be very careful not to cause any damage to the fan blades with the wash wand. Only when the condenser is clean and free of debris only then it can work properly.


Therefore, truck drivers should pay attention to the AC and its maintenance because if it happens that the AC fails the driver won’t be able to perform the delivery on time. And we all know, delivery delays lead to less pay. No truck driver wants that.

Summer Trucking Heat Hack No.2: Check The Tires

Did you know that heat makes the rubber in tires break down faster during summer trucking? Well, it is and that’s why truck drivers should remember to check the tread depth on a regular basis.



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