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10 Signs You Are Successful Trucking Company Owner Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Remember that the communication in all forms of the trucking business is essential.

In addition, the communication with truck drivers is no exception!


If a trucking company owner is communicating effectively, then his employees/truck drivers will know what their duties are-what is expected from them.

Not only that, by having a better communication with your truck drivers you will notice that the company moral is enhancing and that the people will feel more connected to their place of employment.

Thereupon, here are few tips that I would like to suggest you for improving the communication in your trucking company:

  1. Speak their language;
  2. Emphasize the importance of communication;
  3. Use Up-to-Date communication management software;
  4. Take advantage of video conferencing;
  5. Create contact checklist;
  6. Enhance your communications skills;
  7. Listen to your truck drivers;


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Company truck drivers are usually scattered all over the area, the state and the country which makes the communication with them a bit more difficult.

Nevertheless, a successful trucking company owner should still remember to make effective communication even in the situations when your truck drivers are difficult to achieve.

Sign No.5: You Have Managed To Make Teamwork Multi-Tiered

Team working is multi-tiered when it comes to running a trucking company.

First and foremost team working can make everyone’s life more financially beneficial and less stressful. Still, working to provide the best logistics service to the company’s customers is not always an easy process to perform.


Successful trucking company owners are the ones that insist on providing only dependable, safe and well-maintained equipment for your truck drivers.

In addition, the trucking companies which are in fact taking a proactive approach with their truck drivers and the other employees of their trucking company are the ones who are able to retain the best truck drivers in the country.

Sign No.6: You Have Found Shippers and Receivers Who Are King In Customer Service

Know that you are a successful trucking company owner when you have found shippers and receivers who are king in customer service.

Thereupon, the shippers and receivers should be treated with respect, because after all the way that you treat the shippers and receivers should be in the same manner as they are treating the customers. Keep this in mind.

Did you know that the best way for you to retain your customers is by being aware of their value- in addition by providing the highest quality service possible?

Sign No.7: Your Truckers Are Paying Personal Care of Themselves

The secret weapon for truck driver retention is providing them benefits, such as is letting them have time to pay personal care. By personal care, I refer to the care that they should take for their body, mind, and soul.

Each truck driver should have time for himself. The career as a truck driver should not lead truckers to become isolated from others.


Moreover, the lifestyle that truck drivers are leading is not for everybody, because they frequently work in the middle of the night and live for weeks at a time on the road in cramped confines.

Thereupon, a successful trucking company owner should make sure to provide to their truck drivers exceptional benefits. The best way to retain truck drivers in the company is by providing them exceptional benefits- that is to say benefits that will make difference in their life and career and will cause a will that will stick him around.

Remember that happy truck drivers are the ones who have a proper home time, time for healthy meals, time for exercise and a good salary package. A successful trucking company owner shall always be ready to please his truck drivers.

Sign No.8: You Are Running The Back Office Successfully

The type of the back office depends upon the size of your trucking company.

Thereupon, a successful trucking company owner should determine how the back office will run right from the incorporation of the trucking company.

Altogether with the incorporation of the trucking company, trucking company owners should set the right standards and steps that will let them know that everything will flow with the plan.


Keep in mind that a bigger firm always requires a more complex back office.

So, a successful trucking company owner knows how to determine the way that he wants the back office to run.

In order to determine the best way how to run a successful back office the owner should ensure he goes through the processes and ensure that those processes make sense.

Sign No.9: You Are Avoiding Cash Flow Problems

Are you a trucking company owner for a long time and throughout that period of time you have managed to avoid cash flow problems?

If it is so, then you are fulfilling the successful trucking company owner sign no.9.

More precisely, every now and then trucking companies can experience cash flow problems, but only the trucking companies run by successful trucking company owners will be able to face these kind of problems.


In general, cash flow problems happen due to the fact that shippers are not offering quick-pays. Paying the bills on a net-40 or net-60 day terms is the worst thing that can happen to trucking companies.

As well, trucking company owners should pay huge attention to expenses such as are the fuel and repairs as I mentioned previously in this article.


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A trucking company, if run by a successful trucking company owner, will grow rapidly, which often brings expenses ahead of revenues. Still, this type of cash flow problems can be overcomed by using freight factoring (successful trucking company owners already know this fact).

An accelerated payment can allow trucking companies to successfully cover their expenses and run without stopping.

Sign No.10: You Always Have Creative Ways How To Find New Clients

Being a successful trucking company owner means running a trucking company successfully. And what seems to be the best way to run a trucking company successfully?



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