10 Things to Know About History of GPS

The history of GPS started first in 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, as an idea for military and intelligence usage.

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org
Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

The main idea about GPS came with the launching of the spacecraft Sputnik, by the Soviet Union back in 1957. That is how the history of GPS or the global positioning system was born.

How Does GPS Work

Surely you have used a GPS before but do you know how exactly it works?
This very used tool today, that sometimes we take for granted, actually works in this somewhat easy way. But, it is not so easy to set it up.

GPS works with the help of a network of satellites that orbit the earth.  They are positioned at fixed points above the planet. Then, they beam down signals on earth to anyone that has a GPS receiver.

Source: www.nexgendesign.com
Source: www.nexgendesign.com

The signals sent from the satellites carry a time code as well as geographical data point. Therefore, a user, or someone with a GPS receiver, can pinpoint the precise position as well as the speed and time. And, it can be done anywhere on the earth.



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