10 Things To Know Before Taking Ryder Truck Leasing

Again, like in the previous section, ask. Asking questions in advance is a must do here. Because some creativity from the Ryder sales rep could cost you thousands of dollars.

Carefully go Through all the Warranty Details

In the last 10 years, the trucks are packed with technology and it is getting more advanced. Notably, it is becoming mandatory to have a full coverage warranty.

A lot of trucking companies also get an extended the warranty that covers extra 2 years (5 in total) of the warranty period.

But I’d like to warn all of you who are entering into deals like this for the first time that things are not always as you think and as they look like at the beginning.

Source: www.ryder.com
Source: www.ryder.com

Now, you ask yourself how, and why?!  Truck dealerships and manufacturers developed a unique approach to this and try to avoid covering claiming that malfunctioning happened due to regular everyday usage.

But there is more than this. If the truck gets stopped in the middle of nowhere and it is not possible to drive it anymore, of course, you need to call the towing service.

 Source: www.hbsdealer.com
Source: www.hbsdealer.com

But warranty will not cover for that, they will cover for repair but not for the towing.

As we all know the towing prices this could easily need as few thousands of dollars expense that no one will cover for you. Pay attention to these details and ask what is covered under warranty.

Because sometimes a $1000 problem can require $5000 towing that is not covered.

Maintenance Plan Hides a Lot of Hidden Costs

As one of the biggest expenses maintenance is a thing where a lot of trucking and truck leasing companies like to take shortcuts.

Reducing the quality of maintenance seems like a good way to reduce overall company expenses. This is a part where Ryder is really good.

They will perform all manufacturer required service checks and parts replacements.

Source: www.yelp.com
Source: www.yelp.com

They will not take any shortcuts and everything will be done at the highest possible level.

However, sometimes there is a risk of getting charged for some parts and services that are covered by a maintenance plan.

I don’t know whether it is a human error from the people working at the repair shop but sometimes people get charged for some stuff that is supposed to be free.

Source: www.ryder.com
Source: www.ryder.com

Always pay attention to the monthly bills, invoices, and statements coming from Ryder because if you have a fleet of 10 trucks leased or rented from Ryder truck leasing it is very easy to overlook on certain items and get over charged.


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At the begging, they all say that everything you can imagine is covered with warranty and included in maintenance plan but believe me, keep your eyes wide open.

Try to Avoid ACH Payments

This is some sort of hack or we could call it a secret tip and trick. Every month (or bi-weekly) Ryder will send you the invoice for the truck leasing and they will do an automatic money withdrawal from your company bank account.

Try avoiding a situation like this where they automatically withdraw money from your bank account without asking you for anything.

Source: www.newbernsj.com
Source: www.newbernsj.com

There are reasons why I’m telling you to try to negotiate that you send them the check every month instead of them withdrawing money from your account.

The reason is that as mentioned before you will have a situation (almost every month you can experience this) where someone will make a mistake and over charge you a lot for something that should be included in your monthly payment.

Source: www.inc.com
Source: www.inc.com

When this happens and you notice that for example $4.000 was deducted from your company account, you will start calling Ryder billing department.

You actually started playing games with them or actually they play games with you. Their billing departments are usually located in a completely different city that customer and sales department.

There will be no one to help you solve the problem. It will take weeks before you get the money back and there is a chance you won’t get a full refund at all.

Source: www.blog.ryderfleetproducts.com
Source: www.blog.ryderfleetproducts.com

But if they don’t deduct the money (you agreed to send the check) before, then you have a negotiating power.

Simply refuse to pay the monthly truck leasing payment before they sort out the mistake someone from their office made.

This way you will experience how problems can be solved within few hours instead of few weeks.

Always Ask For Written Proposal and Offer

One of the most important rules to know. Sales representatives by nature and goal oriented people that have a huge desire for success.

And that is good. That makes them successful, allows them to make high bonuses and salaries and at the end company makes a lot of revenue because of that.

Source: www.ryder.com
Source: www.ryder.com

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a situation that they have such a huge wish to sell you something and to close a deal that they over promise and sell you thing that doesn’t exist or they sell something that is not true.

Simply they will say that the price you see will get you a lot more than it will.

This is a big problem when you sign a deal (without taking a detailed look at it) and discover that some of the things you find so cool don’t exist or require additional payments.

Once you signed it, there is very little you can do. Be very careful with this and always ask for written proposal and offer with described the proposal content.

Source: www.etrucking.com
Source: www.etrucking.com

Check What is the Cost If you Want to Stop Using Ryder Truck Leasing

Running a business in these challenging economic times is never an easy task. It is not easy to predict all the events over the next 5 years and sometimes we need to create or have a plan B just in case things don’t develop and evolve the way we want it.



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