10 Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads

10 Secret Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads

Award them and treat them like a family so they will be comfortable and will keep doing a good job.

6. Try To Find Direct Shipper Flatbed Loads

You can find a good flatbed loads if you find a way to contact the shipper directly and avoid the middle man (the freight broker). You know that the freight broker can give you a flatbed load for a lower price than its actual cost.

Start contacting the shippers and try to find direct flatbed loads:

  • Use flatbed loads software’s
  • Try to contact them by phone
  • Have a meeting with the decision makers
  • Give them starting benefits that are hard to resist
  • Allow periodical promotions for them


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7. Have The Best Customer Service You Can Get

The fact is that when you are caring flatbed loads for your clients you need to guide them through the process of transportation.

Teach your team to be

  • Polite and efficient
  • To respond effectively
  • To solve the issue at the moment of appearing

10 Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads
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How can I do that? You need to give them best customer service during the process of the transportation. If they have a million of questions your people need to be there for them, sharp and prepared to give the information that they require about their flatbed load.

If it is necessary to mail them every new change then mail them. If you provide the best customer service you will earn costumers trust and they will appreciate your effort to build a long-term business relationship with you.


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You need to understand that they have worries about the delivery time and security of the flatbed loads. Having the best customer service is a way to ensure that your clients will be back and require a service for other flatbed loads in the future.

8. Have a Good Insurance

Another advantage that gives you higher chances to provide a good flatbed loads is to have good coverage of the loads. Flatbed loads are specific and you need to have a good insurance if something unexpected happens during the transportation.

If the flatbed loads are covered for possible damage you are giving a security to your client and reason to become their business partner.  The freight brokers are also requiring good insurance before they give you flatbed loads.

10 Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads
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The flatbed loads need to be protected from

  • Collision
  • Being accidentally slipped on the road
  • Being damaged from loading or unloading
  • Organized crime

9. Develop Negotiating Skills

Invest in your people. Train them well and show them how the things can be handled. They need to see the action in person and learn how the situation can be handled with results in the finish line. The negotiation skills should be in high level when they are talking with the freight broker or a shipper to arrange flatbed loads.

10 Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads
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Teach them for the tricks that the freight brokers are using when they offering flatbed loads. In that way, they will understand the business and will learn how to pull the best quote for the flatbed loads.

10 Have Friends Among The Freight Brokers

When your only choice is to contact freight broker to give you flatbed loads you better build a good friendly relationship with the brokers.

When you are having a friendly relationship you will provide not just any flatbed loads but a good flatbed loads with a high quote. Be correct with them don’t attempt to play a dirty game because it may cost you a lot.

10 Tips How To Find Good Flatbed Loads
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Maintaining close relationships with the brokers will give you few steps ahead before the rest of the transportation companies and chance to take the flatbed loads that are more affordable for you.

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Trucking business is like a modern jungle or a rugby game, the most knowledgeable or the stronger and fastest ones will survive or will keep standing. You need to have your eyes open to stay in a safe place and not to allow being attacked or caught in an ambush.

Be prepared and do everything that is in your power to find the best flatbed loads for your company.



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