15 Amazing Tips – Valentine’s Day for Truck Drivers and Their Wives

Whether you are an experienced truck driver, driving class 8 trucks, or a rookie truck driver, doing the route together will be an amazing adventure. Thus, Valentine’s Day for truck drivers will be a triumph!

12. Create Valentine’s Day Playlist (For Him)

Ladies, if you are not able to see your husbands and celebrate the day, then you need to do something for him. Generally speaking, it is not always left to husbands to take care of their wives. Sometimes, wives need to show appreciation and love to them, as well.

Source: www.thehigherlearning.com
Source: www.thehigherlearning.com

Thereupon, the next time, your experienced truck driver of a husband hits the road, create him a playlist. Hence, he will not feel alone on the road and having some of his favorite tracks, driving will be fun for him. Thinking about family will keep him going on the road, without thinking about flaws as a result.

13. Humorous Valentine’s Day

We all know the meaning of Valentines’s Day. It is celebrated by showing love to the partners and making each other’s happy. Some couples are buying stuff to each other, some are going on a dinner date, while some are unable financially to do any of it.

With this in mind, makes me wonder: What is the key in making someone happy?

Source: www.rd.com
Source: www.rd.com

Is it by telling them you love them, or by making them laugh. Either way, it is important so that the relationship can survive. However, it is always beautiful to make someone smile. This Valentine’s Day for truck drivers make each other laugh. Surprise your loved one with something that will make crease up.


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14. Do the Unprecedented Together

As shown above, having a truck driving husband may have some flaws. Hence, it has unimaginable advantages. To illustrate, being together all the time, hardly ever leaves you space to do some interesting stuff together. Furthermore, it all begins to convert into some kind of monotony, and you are simply living the life. You are not actually “living” it.

Source: www.whiskeyriff.com
Source: www.whiskeyriff.com

The advantages of being separated from your partner are in your desire to do more things together. It is the same as you were starting your relationship when you were at the very beginning of a romance.

15. Don’t Forget the “L” Word

Although there is a set date in the calendar to show appreciation to truck drivers, always be grateful for having your husband. Having someone that is taking care of you – is a blessing. Having someone telling you, “You are beautiful” whenever he sees you – is a privilege.

Source: www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
Source: www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Therefore, showing respect to someone and saying “I love you” even for no reason, means the world to your partner, even though they know it. Then again, whatever you do for the day, do not omit to write or tell to your partner, how much you love them. Without the “L” word, would not be a proper Valentine’s Day for truck drivers.


Not every long-distance relationship is a bad one. Make an effort and make it unique and exciting, be each other’s backbone. Always take the family first and plan things together. You can plan your Valentine’s Day for truck drivers and wives together, or better – make a surprise for one another. You do not have to buy expensive things.

Remember: Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances. 

Whatever you do, do it together. Do not skip or make excuses to not celebrate the love. Love keeps us going, and keeps us alive. Show respect to each other, make surprises and make memories. You are never too old to experience and celebrate love.

Just a thought: If you were a trucker’s wife, how would you plan your Valentine’s Day?





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