15 Amazing Tips – Valentine’s Day for Truck Drivers and Their Wives

Sending a handwritten note is doing things the old school way, but old school things are cool. Trust me, people would love to have someone do something for them the old way. Besides, the smell of a new piece of paper cannot be exchanged for any mail, messenger or text message.

Source: www.themover.co.uk
Source: www.themover.co.uk

You have three options on this one:

  1. Message in a truck. Ladies, it is time for your ninja move! Go beyond the oldie but goodie “message in a bottle” note and go with a “message in a truck” one. If your husband had the opportunity to find a local CDL job, and he is most of the time at home, there goes your love plan. Thus, Valentine’s Day for truck drivers will be made amazing.
  1. Write a letter. On the other hand, if you are not able to do that and not see each other at all, write a letter. Writing a letter to someone is showing someone that you care. By the same token, it gives you a freedom to express your feelings until you touch his/hers, heart.
  1. Write a poem. Writing a poem for or to someone not only that will boost their self-confidence but it will make them feel special. You only need the idea, then you have complete freedom in deciding what to write. You can either create one, or you can rewrite it from some of the best poets, which describes him/her well.

2. Virtual Date for Valentine’s Day

You may not be able to talk in person and have a proper date, but you will always have the internet to connect you. I know it is hard for not being able to see each other but this may be fun too. Looking on the positive side, you are free to do anything you like. Additionally, turn your cameras on, and the date mode is on.



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