leased owner operator standing next to a class 8 truck

15 Must Hear Expert Advice Before Becoming Leased Owner Operator

What is the meaning of lease? Moreover, what is the meaning of leased owner operator?

People new in the trucking industry who are about to become owner-operators often ask these two questions.

In general, leasing is the same as paying a fee to use someone else’s equipment.

For example: If you want to lease a truck, the leasing agreement can vary, starting from month by month, or even the leasing agreement can be for years.

Moreover, the development of this branch of the trucking industry is due to the fact that leasing owner-operators represent the quickest way for a company to increase fleet’s capacity.

So, if you want to become a leased owner operator then you should remember the key point that once you are leased onto a carrier, the FMCSA will consider the truck altogether with you/the leased owner operator driver as the carrier’s for compliance purposes.

Remember: Leasing owner-operators into a fleet is fairly complicated and tricky process.

Further, in this article you will have the chance to read 15 trucking expert advices that you must hear before you become leased owner operator.



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