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20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

Be present and don’t let be charmed and disrupt from the important things.

4. Check the Truck Surface for Rust

This step is very important and needs to be made because if the surface of the used truck is rusted the safety of the load is compromised. The rusted truck surface can make your semi truck to be not reliable for transportation.

20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

  • Check the surface of the used semi truck in daylight, and do that very carefully and detailed. I will tell you that the rust checks are the first things that the dealerships are inspecting on a used semi truck so you conclude how important is to make this right.
  • Be aware that the rust may be under the surface and not easy for revealing. Lean your head to check the surface for raised spots and if you find one know that one sneaky rusty spot is hiding from you under that bubble.

5. Know the Reasons for Selling

Asking direct questions especially when you are face to face with the person that you are expecting the answer is the number one tactic to get the honest answer even if the person is not telling you the truth. The body language will tell the right information.

20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

Remember it is your right to know what happened to that used semi truck before ending up in that lot. Everything you need to do is to ask the question and wait for the reaction. Like I said before be focused and don’t let to be charmed with that salesman talk.



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