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20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

Check the history for major mechanical problems because some of them can appear again in the future giving you additional repair expenses.

17. Check the Wiring

Bad wiring can cause light problems so before you buy a used semi truck check the condition of the wires. Also, you need to check if the truck cab and the trailer are electrically compatible. Avoid buying used semi truck if you notice that:

  • Wires are hanging down
  • If the covering of the wires is damaged

Even if you find a used semi truck with wires in a good shape always check the lights to see if they work properly. Sometimes the bad connection can mean dirty plug receptacle. Connect the trailer with the tractor to see if everything is in function.

18. Check the Truck Bed

Maybe the truck bed doesn’t have a major influence on the truck performance but it influences on your body performance. I am placing the truck bed in this list of what you need to check before you buy used semi truck because the quality of the truck bed effect on your:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Reflexes
  • Generally your driving performance

20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

Your truck is your leaving place so you need to make it more comfortable. Check the truck bed if it is in a good shape to ensure a good night sleep and use those resting hours properly. Perfect truck bed means good driving performance on the road.

19. Check the Truck Seat

Like the truck bed, the quality of the truck seat doesn’t need to be ignored. The driving seat may not be a decision buying factor as the condition of the engine but yet… can be a decision factor if you have doubt between two used semi trucks with similar qualities so at the end you can always buy the truck with better truck seats.

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A good truck seat will give you a proper position of your body and may eliminate the fatigue and the exhaustion during the long hauls. According to the FMCSA 13% of the road accidents are caused by fatigue drivers.

20. Get the Truck Inspected by a Professional Mechanic

When you are done with the checks performed by yourself the final task is to take that used semi truck to a professional mechanic. He is professional in that area and knows where to look to find hidden defects.

20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

If he finally gives you a green light to buy that used semi truck than congratulation you find yourself a perfect truck to start your journey.


Buying used semi truck can be tricky but if you have right list of the thing that you have to check before buying used semi truck than the job is simpler. I hope that you find this article useful and that it helps you or extended your list of the things that you need to check when you want to buy used semi truck.

If you have additional ideas please share them with us and together we can help a fellow trucker to find the perfect truck for his needs.



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