5 Killing Mistakes That Prevent You To Get Loaded Quickly 1

5 Killing Mistakes That Prevent You To Get Loaded Quickly

Most of the truckers loose a lot of time while looking for a parking space. Frequently truckers park on a shoulder , on a abandoned gas station. There are also truckers that loose a lot of fuel by continuing the search , they simply keep rolling.

Best way to park quickly is to make online research of the area and to find a suitable space. Truck drivers should look for a space where they can get the truck into without hitting another vehicle . Before even trying to park the truck should make a clear judgment if there is at least a little longer space than the truck.

Drivers should have in mind to move as far from traffic as possible when parking on a public road. If the driver decides to park on a shoulder he should pull over as far on the shoulder as possible. Making mistakes and not respecting the rules can cost drivers time and money.

The worst mistakes that truck drivers can make when it comes to parking is to park :

  • beside another parked vehicle on a sidewalks or on a sidewalks;
  • in front of the driveway;
  • within areas where parking is prohibited;

5.Slow Communication Kills Everything- Be Available On The Phone

Definitely the key to success in life as well in work is the good communication. An unclear communication can lead to slow communication . Having a s slow communication between the truck driver and the freight dispatcher can lead to a lot of problems.


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Firstly , both the trucker and the dispatcher should invest time and energy in delivering a clear lines of communication . Only a good communication can build a strong and effective trust between them. If the trucker and the dispatcher have understanding, patience and clear , understandable communication only then they can increase the profit of the company.

Both the driver and the freight dispatcher should be always available on the phone. Thereupon communication is a two way process and no company would survive if their employees don’t have a proper communication. Everyone in the company should invest time to deliver the message clearly.


On a continuous basis truck drivers have a goal to quickly finish the given job and to start another one. That is so because they have to make money to support themselves and the family. They tend to improve every day to maximize their efficiency and to improve all the little things.

That is to say that truck drivers should avoid the mistakes that prevent them to get loaded quickly . They should plan their trip , should have the pickup number and to be on time to get loaded quickly.



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