50 Terms Everyone In The Trucking Industry Should Know

Further, they contribute to monitoring the speed of the wheel, as well as modulating the force of the brakes.

Thus, they are able to sense the lockup of the wheel during the braking process.

More importantly, these devices are helping truck drivers to retain the vehicle’s control and behavior while heavy braking on a slippery road.


To emphasize, an axle is a type of supporting Shaft (member) upon which wheels revolve.

Notably, there are several types of axles in the trucking industry:

  • Drive axles have powered wheels
  • Front axle is also called steer axle
  • Pusher axles have unpowered wheels and are ahead of drive axles
  • Rear axles can be further drive, tag and pusher type
  • Tag axles are also unpowered and go behind the drive axles
trucking industry terminology
Source: www.truckerpath.com

3. ATC – Automatic Traction Control

Normally, ATC is a feature based on the Antilock Brake System (ABS).

As an explanation, it stops the drive wheels from spinning when on a slippery road.



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