50 Terms Everyone In The Trucking Industry Should Know

common carrier in the trucking industry
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15. Compressed Gasses

When it comes to compressed gases, they involve any type of hazardous cargo material or mixture under pressure of 70 or 130 degrees F.

These gasses are defined in the hazardous materials regulations, (PHMSA) in the trucking industry and are further divided into flammable and non-flammable gases.

16. Contract Carrier

This kind of contract is similar to the common contract in the trucking industry. As an illustration, it is a carrier which is engaged in interstate transportation of property completed by motor vehicle based on for-hire carrier.

However, the transportation is made under a contract including a limited number of customers in order to meet the needs of every customer.

17. CVISN – Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks

A system representing a collection of state, Federal, as well as private information which support the commercial vehicle operations (CVO).

18. DOUBLES or Twin Trailers

Type of trailers which are twinning. In other words, a combination of trailers or semitrailers connected together in tandem.

twin trailers in the trucking industry
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19. Driver Logs

Daily driving records which are meant to be kept by each driver individually.

Each of the drivers needs to log the on-duty, the off-duty, as well as the sleeper berth time.

In other words, they are known as Records of Duty Status in the trucking industry.

20. Drop Frame Trailer

A type of trailer with one or probably more floor levels.

Particularly, these trailers are designed for a minimum to highway transportation distance and they have a capacity for maximum cargo carriage. For example, like the extreme transportation.

21. Dump Body

A dump body is any type of truck body which is tilted to discharge the load.

22. EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Business to business computer interconnection. To put it in another way, it is an exchange of documents starting from bills of lading to ticket building at the auto plants.

trucking industry and Electronic data interchange
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23. EOBR – Electronic Onboard Recorder

A device which automatically records vehicle’s performance of the driver in the trucking industry.

24. Expediting

Explained in the trucking industry as accelerating information, the expedited freight service is normally faster than the usual service type.

For example, the dispatching of LTL quantities on a single truck.

25. Endorsement

The term endorsement involves all of the written policy changes.

26. Excise Tax

Generally speaking, a country produces taxes on certain articles. The perfect example of this tax would be the alcohol.

27. FHWA – Federal Highway Administration

An important division of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

This particular division is responsible for nation’s federal highway system as well as administration of federal aid for highway maintenance.

trucking industry tax
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28. FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Division part of the United States Department of Transportation which is responsible for implementing and enforcement of the safety regulations of the commercial motor vehicle.

29. Federal Register

Publication of the US Government which is responsible for printing the official rules and regulations of the federal agencies.


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In particular, these regulations involve printing on a daily basis and publishing in order to be legalized.

30. Fixed Charges

Carrier expenses or costs which do not have variations in the increase or decrease in the traffic.

To put it in a different way, it is more like an accounting classification.

31. For-Hire Carriage

Services of particular common or contract carriers which are charging you in order to cover the expenses of transportation.

for hire carriage in the trucking industry
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32. For-Hire Carrier

Also called private carrier, the for-hire carrier refers to the companies in the trucking industry transporting types of freight possessed by others for a fee.

33. Freight Forwarder

A trucking company assembling small shipments into larger ones in order to form a full truck to complete a transportation.

Notably, multiple shippers take these shipments.

Continually, the forwarders send the freight to a particular station where it involves further routing to the final destinations.

34. Fuel Taxes

Taxes used on fuels like gasoline, diesel etc.

35. GAWR – Gross Axle Weight Rating

A maximum weight which manufacturers use to carry. The GAWR involves both the axle’s portion and the weight of the vehicle being carried by the axle.

36. Gooseneck

A trailer device which is able to extend and attach the upper part of the trailer deck to the fifth wheel.

gooseneck in the trucking industry
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37. GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight

The GVW is a term in the trucking industry, used to explain a truck’s weight.

To put it in a different way, it is a weight of a straight truck or a combination unit which includes the body, the equipment, and the load.

38. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

This term includes a total weight of the truck. As an illustration, it involves the weight of the load and the weight of the manufacturer.

39. Hazardous Material

Heard often, this trucking term includes substance materials. This term is determined in the trucking industry by the Secretary of Transportation.

As an explanation, hazardous materials are more often causing health and safety risks.

40. Heavy Hauler

Trucking company or a business which transfers articles that require special loading, unloading and transporting equipment.

However, heavy haulers are defining transportation types according to the size, shape, weight and other characteristics in the trucking industry.

trucking industry heavy hauler
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41. Hot Shots

Hotshot is a type of a pickup truck and normally for the commercial freight transportation companies are using it. Correspondingly, these truck types are in conjunction with a particular trailer via ball hitch. In other cases, there is a fifth-wheel ascended in the bed.

42. In Jurisdiction Miles

The total number of the miles completed by a particular fleet of registered vehicle or truck in a jurisdiction during a preceding year.


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There are cases where a specific person operates a fleet which has registered truck in jurisdiction miles. In particular, it does not require an apportionment and reciprocity, where consequently the Jurisdiction may add a mileage.



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