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7 Secrets To Know When Choosing The Best Truck Stop

Try To Get Cash Back Point For Fueling The Truck

If you can get free service by fueling your truck in some truck stop, you should take advantage of that opportunity and do a fueling in that truck stop.  Many of the stops give loyalty cards that can save you some points for free service, or will allow you discount in that truck stop.

You need to get a loyalty card to save up shower credits, with buying 50-100 gallons fuel, the truck stop will give you points for a free shower. You can use that service in every truck stop of that chain anytime you need.

7 Secrets To Know When Choosing The Best Truck Stop 8Source:

Every point is like a saved buck in your pocket, why to waste $7-10 to pay for a shower, if you can fill your fuel tank and get a shower for free, or to get a free wash on your truck or… a free slice of pizza. Don’t waste your money of thinks that you don’t have to, getting a loyalty truck stop card is one way to increase your profit and lower your expenses.


When your trucker career is not just a job but it is more like a lifestyle you have to learn the laws of the jungle to survive, you as a truck driver need to develop special skills to survive in the trucking business. It is not just a business on the line; your personal existing is too. You have to adjust to the special conditions that the road is throwing on you, to maintain your mental and physical health.

The truck stop will become your safe place and your sanctuary from the long rides. A place to eat, to sleep and the most important it will be a place where you can chat with other truck drivers and share a story drinking a cold beer. The truck stop will be the light spot at the end of the hard day and important part of your life.

Other truck drivers are your family and in every family, we want to protect our members. So… do you have the experience to share? Do you have a favorite one or one that you are avoiding and why?



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