How To Become a Truck Driver – Power Guide With 10 Ultimate Secrets

Have you ever thought of how to become a truck driver? Are you one of those that since kids were dreaming of becoming a truck driver while playing with the giant truck toy?

Well, we have 10 ultimate secrets to share with you in how to become a truck driver. All these are necessary for you to know if you are considering a trucking career.

If you are determined nothing of this will look like an obstacle. But, a challenge that you need to pass in order to pursue your dream and something that will make you more successful.

I am sure you already know that having a truck driving license is the one crucial thing. And without which you cannot even think on how to become a truck driver.

But, there are many more small and big secrets that will make your path to becoming a truck driver easier. Therefore, do not be hesitant. Just read our 10 secrets and we assure you, if you follow them, you will be able to achieve your goals without problem.

Know What To Expect As Salary

Common saying is that being in the trucking industry will give you a lot of money. Everyone knows that truck drivers earn pretty good amount of money.

But even though this is true, we would advise you not to get into this job just because of the money. That will not sustain you on the long run. That is not the way how to become a truck driver.


This sooner or later will not be a motivation enough and you might eventually not be happy with your job and quit. Therefore, a true passion for this job is needed. Loving this job and enjoying every moment of it is what will make your days feel as if you are not working at all.

Even though being a truck driver eventually offers you a great income, do not expect that amount from the very start.

But, this also depends on many factors. It depends in which company you work, as well as how many hours you work. And, another important thing is, it depends what kind of truck you drive and what are the goods you are transporting.

Of course, driving a dry van and a Class 8 truck will not be the same. Not to mention if you transport oil or hazardous materials in general. That will instantly make your income bigger. As well as long hauling of any kind of goods.

And if you get to be a rookie driver, the annual salary will approximately be $40,000. So, make sure you do the right choices regarding what you drive and what you transport.

Weigh The Trucking Job Pros And Cons

As in any other profession, in the trucking business there are good and bad sides too. What will be very important and on what you need to focus is the fact that all the good sides are exactly what you need and all the bad sides are something you can live with.

For most people, most truck drivers of course, the pros and cons are more or less the same.

So make sure you read other people’s experiences before you make any conclusion.


Therefore, the most common pro, besides the good salary, is the freedom of travel. Which people love and appreciate. The fact that they do not have to deal with any boss that will stand around their office desk constantly is a dream come true.

Next thing is the cheap training. The training to become a truck driver is very inexpensive and basically anyone can do it.


Additionally, there is no experience needed to start working in the trucking industry.

On the other hand, the cons are things related to the job directly that maybe you will find difficult to cope with. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you are getting involved into.


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Some of the cons are things such as long driving hours. Which also comes with time away from family and friends. And, of course, the biggest problem of truckers, dealing with loneliness.

Talk With Experienced Truck Drivers

The best way how to become a truck driver, and I mean a good truck driver is with experience. Or, to talk to experienced ones. So, do not hesitate to have a chat with a driver every time you have the opportunity.

Besides, truckers are very friendly and will help you in any way possible. Moreover, that is one way how to make friends and beat loneliness on the roads. Any time you stop at a truck stop you will have with who to pass time, play games, etc.


Furthermore, you will have who to ask for advice about anything. And I mean really about anything. From best on road restaurants where you can have a good food without the need to go far from your route. To where to find the cheapest fuel on the route you travel.

There are always some tips and tricks you can learn from the experienced truck drivers. So, make sure you ask everything that is unclear to you. As well as asking for additional tips.

Study The State Commercial Driver’s Manual

When you have decided to become a commercial driver, in this case a truck driver of course, the best is to be prepared. And how else can you learn how to become a truck driver if not by reading the state commercial driver’s manual.

This manual will be extremely useful to you as a beginner. You can find answers to many questions there such as controlling speed and managing space. But also commercial driver’s license test.


When you have decided to become a commercial driver, in this case a truck driver of course, the best is to be prepared. And how else can you learn how to become a truck driver if not by reading the state commercial driver’s manual.



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