How To Become a Truck Driver – Power Guide With 10 Ultimate Secrets

This manual will be extremely useful to you as a beginner. You can find answers to many questions there such as controlling speed and managing space. But also commercial driver’s license test.

Meet basic physical and legal qualifications

You might be surprised from the fact that there are actual physical requirements for truck drivers. And they are of course setup by law.

So, the physical requirements or qualifications that every truck driver needs to meet are the blood pressure ranges. Also, any illness that requires needle injection is not allowed. Only oral medications are allowed. These illnesses would be diabetes, blood sugar problems, cardiac issues or sleep apnea.


Though, for vision and hearing it is allowed for you to use any types of aids so you can meet the necessary requirements.

Moreover, when it comes to the legal requirements they need to be able to fulfill the minimum hours which are described from the Federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA). All drivers must follow the HOS (Hours of service) Regulations when it comes to driving a CMV (commercial motor vehicle).

So, some of those regulations are that the vehicle needs to weighs 10,001 pounds or more. Also, when it comes to transporting hazardous materials, it is important to fulfill with the regulations. Such as that transporting hazardous materials needs to be in a quantity requiring placards.

Sign Up For A Truck Driving School

Once you have completely decided that you will become a truck driver and pursue that career, first thing necessary is to sign up for a truck driving school. That is the first and biggest step on how to become a truck driver.

First step to becoming a truck driver is to find a suitable truck driving school where you can obtain your CDL. Firstly, you need to search for a good school that will be in your area, so that would be easier to you to proceed with the classes.


But, also check for schools with good CDL training programs. Some of them even offer individual classes. That would be a great opportunity for you to learn more and better. Since, the instructor will be focused on you and you only.

And of course, if you are not 21 years of age or older do not even check on how to become a truck driver, since this is the one and only requirement you cannot skip or try to find a solution.

Pass the CDL exam

Passing the CDL exam as we mentioned earlier is the most important thing for you to do. It might not work from the first time but give yourself another chance at least.


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Sometimes it can be due to stress or any other external factor that does not depend on you at that particular moment. So do not be too harsh on yourself.

Passing the CDL also depends on your school’s instructor. Therefore, make sure you are going to one of the best schools in your area. As well as you pay attention of course to the class.


And most important is practice. You need to practice for your CDL exam. If you ask yourself how to become a truck driver, this is the main answer. Practice well and make sure you are feeling comfortable in the truck.

This is very crucial since you are about to start a career where you need to pass many hours in a truck. Therefore, make sure you feel like home in the truck.

Pass the FMCSR exam

The FMCSR exam is all about the DOT (Department of transportation) medical exam and commercial motor vehicle certification. This exam, of course, needs to be performed by a certified medical staff.

Everyone included from the medical field are doctors such as advanced practice nurses, doctors of medicine, chiropractic, physicians and osteopathy doctors.


What you need to know is that you must be passing this exam every 24 months. Or that would be every two years you need to make sure you pass all these tests.

Therefore, you can see how keeping yourself healthy can benefit not only your health but also if you will keep your job or not.

In some cases, the examiners can issue a certificate that will last less than 24 months, so less than two years. This goes for those truckers that already have issues with blood pressure or any other condition that will be potentially dangerous to be on the road with.

Look for a Good Trucking Company

How to become a truck driver is not the only thing important. It is also very important what you will do next. But to be more precise, what you will work, or better yet at which company you will work. Make sure you choose a good company.

This can of course influence the way your career will develop as well as many other things. Such as salary, working conditions, health insurance and life insurance and more.


Therefore, you must make a research when it comes to applying and accepting a job at a certain company. We would advise you to make a thorough research and make sure the company follows the necessary regulations.

But, not only that. It is necessary that this company really takes care of you as a part of it. Make sure you discuss every problem or maybe desires you have and if you do agree, it is necessary that they would comply with the promises.

We would also advise you, to not only check online, but if possible to get in touch with drivers that work or have worked there and see the good and bad sides from the company. And how people really see it, which are or have been working there.

Get Hired

Once you found your favorite company or maybe companies, next step is to apply for a job position. And make sure you get hired of course.



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