How To Choose Best Hot Shot Load Boards

Also important factor is what is you annually or monthly gross your company makes. It is not the same if you are a three class A trucks company or company operating the fleet of 30 or even 100 trucks. If you have a nice annual gross income you can afford your self to try and test multiple load boards and by using the method of learning by doing you will ultimately reach the point where you will filter few load boards that perfectly fit your way of doing trucking business.

How To Choose Best Hot Shot Load Boards

Determine the budget at the beginning of the year that you are ready to invest into testing and using multiple load boards. Try thinking in different way and tell yourself that benefit created from these testing periods could be very profitable and create a lot fo money to your company.

If your company budget can handle the cost of extra $2k per month in the period of let’s say three months give it a try and monitor and analyze results and hopefully you will pay the money back.

Average load price increase from $1.80 to $1.98 per loaded mile could lead to $20k more gross income per month. So investing two thousands dollars that can bring extra twenty thousands income doesn’t sound like a bad idea now at all.

Who Will Be Using Hot Shot Load Boards

I mentioned this before how important is to select proper dispatcher to start using the new load boards. You should have some things in mind when deciding who to trust and assign this important task.


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Try following these tips and tricks:

  • give the new load boards only to well experienced dispatchers so that you can get accurate feedback
  • ask dispatcher to decide you what are the good and what are the bad things of new load board and ask them to compare that to previously used ones
  • assign new load boards to well trained dispatchers that have a good skill of using computers
  • divide dispatchers to groups or allow one dispatcher to use only one load board to monitor and track performance, results and gross income they create.


There is no easy way to start using the hot shot load boards and as I tried to make this topic a bit closer to you it starts to be more clear that it is a process. It takes some time and money to get a full value and benefit from that but if you prepare yourself for that and go step by step I’m sure you will succeed and increase the gross income of your company and make it profitable again.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or make a comment here and I will do my best to answer you immediately.



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