How To Choose Best LED Trailer Lights

How To Choose Best But Cheap LED Trailer Lights

  • LED trailer lights for the front side
  • LED trailer lights for the rear side
  • On the top
  • On the Side

Each of the positions has special purpose and specially designed trailer lights no matter if the trailer is Flatbed, Reefer or Dry Box.

Make Difference Between Standard and Additional LED Trailer Lights

When you are going to the store to buy LED trailer lights you need to know what type of lights you are buying. Standard LED trailer lights need to be functional all the time during the driving.

Standard trailer lights are mounted from the manufacturer and you need to know that they need to be functional all the time from the start to the finish.

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You need to know that manufacturers need to cover standards and regulations connected to the position and the number of lights mounted on the trailer. If they are mounted by the manufacturer not additionally you need to maintain special care for them. Standard LED trailer lights are signalizing

  • Your presence on the road
  • The behavior of your truck
  • Your driving intentions

Each of the positions needs to be covered with functional LED trailer lights. It is very easy to get a penalty for just one not functional standard light, trust me the police love to write tickets for small things. You need to have proper lighting before you go out on the road requires Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).



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