How To Select The Best Truckmovers

How To Select The Best Truckmovers and Save Money

Selecting a truckmovers when you need to move trucks from the manufacturers to your yard means that you have to choose between getting them to the final destination in perfect shape and getting them in any shape. Those trucks are expensive to put them at risk to be damaged during the transportation.


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Trust me all truckmovers are not the same by the trucking service they are providing. The equipment and the driver skills have a lot of influence on the quality of service that you will get from the truckmovers.

Service of the Truckmovers

The general service is moving several trucks, trailers or chassis from the seller (manufacturer or dealer) to the customer yard or warehouse. The point of truckmovers is to transport more trucks at ones.

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Let’s say you need to transport 4 trucks from one cost to another cost but you cannot hire truckmover to do the transporting for you, what would you do?

  • You would be forced to start the engines of all 4 trucks
  • Hire 4 drivers to drive those trucks to the delivering destination
  • Fill all of the 4 trucks with fuel and pay for all other unnecessary expenses during the transportation

Even when the trucks are in the parking lot of the client you still have additional expenses. You need to spend money to get the drivers back. And after all, the trucks are not new anymore because they build a mileage.

OK, the importance of the truckmovers is high but how to select the best one among the bunch truckmovers. You want the trucks to get to the delivery point in the perfect shape. Here are few tips how to select the best truckmover.

List of Characteristics that High Qualified Truckmovers are Having

The million dollar question is how to remove the bad truckmovers from the good truckmovers? The answer is not simple but there are few steps to get the general impression of the truckmovers quality performance.

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The best truckmovers are having:

1. High Skilled Truck Drivers

Because trucks are opened and not protected in the closed space they are vulnerable to the environment. So the best truckmovers are transporting the trucks on daylight to avoid possible damage from wildlife and ensure that the trucks will get to the final point in the perfect condition.

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Drivers need to:

2. Safety Program and Bonus Program

The best truckmovers are careful who they are hiring to transport your trucks. They hire truck drivers that can meet high standards for safety and that can also perform proper vehicle checks to ensure safety transport.

The best truckmovers have a safety program that gives proper training to the truck drivers. Safety meetings are performed few times a year to train them how to respect the local and federal safety regulations and procedures.

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Safety bonus criteria are a great way to give motivation to the truck drivers. If the driver has clean record from accidents or claims the best truckmovers are rewarding the drivers by giving them bonuses. If the clear record remains for more than 3 years the drivers receive additional bonuses per mile.


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How great is this? You will have a peace of mind if you know that the truck drivers that transport your trucks have clean driving record for a period of 3 years. This practice will provide motivated drivers which result in high-quality service and high customer satisfaction.

3. Wide Range of Truckmoving Services

Most of the national truckmovers are having transportation services for few different types of trucks from class 6 to class 8 trucks.

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The services that they can provide are almost unlimited. You need to transport used trucks or new trucks straight from the manufacturer. These guys will fulfill your wishes.

4. Personalized Truck Moving Services

Truckmovers who specialize in providing personalized services to the clients means that they care to get satisfied customers. With caring for the customers they are building long-term business relationship with them.

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For you, they are ready to make the impossible to be possible. You need to transport a combination of trucks with different size and weight? No problem they can do that for you.

Best truckmovers can provide you with service that will fit your schedule even if we talking for a coast to coast transportation in the last expected minute.

5. Great Insurance

Truckmovers who are able to provide good insurance for the trucks that are transporting means that the expected damage level is very low. Anyway, if something unexpected happened these truckmovers will cover the expense for that damage. This is very important since we are talking about very expensive goods whose damage can cost a lot of money.

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We all know that there are very dangerous roads that are difficult for transportation which put the most experience truck driver in bad position. However every highway can be an unpredictable place full of dangers for the transported cargo and the lives of all the participants in it.

Therefore it is important to have good coverage in case the trucks that are transported get involved in an accident. Anyway, a good truckmovers company is ready to give you good insurance if something bad occurs. In that way, you’ll get the security during the transportation.

6. Real Time Information

One of the services that a good truckmovers will offer is good technology that can make the transportation more controlled and safer. Real-time reports that high-quality truckmovers will provide are one step closer to satisfied customers.

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For the customer, the biggest concern is the condition of the cargo during the transportation. With having this information in the required moment you will know what is going on with the trucks. Update of the truck location can also be a point plus for the truckmovers.



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