How To Choose Best LED Trailer Lights

How To Choose Best But Cheap LED Trailer Lights

You know that when you are on the open road the visibility is 90% of your safety and that is why you need to find the best LED trailer lights. A dark moonless night without the best trailer lights for your trucks can be dangerous for you and the other traffic participants.


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A dark night together with bad weather conditions like rain, snow or fog is barely drivable even with the best trailer lights on the road and imagine how difficult would be to continue with the road with bad trailer lights.

Your LED trailer lights are giving you special power on the road. They make you the most visible vehicle on the road. When you are driving at high speed on the dark road taking curves your LED trailer lights will be your signature on the highway!

You Have LED Trailer Lights for Every Position of the Truck

The semi trucks are intended to be on the road for a long period of time in daylight and dark nights because of that the trailers are equipped with many trailer lights mounted in many positions. So every trailer light have own functionality

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  • LED trailer lights for the front side
  • LED trailer lights for the rear side
  • On the top
  • On the Side

Each of the positions has special purpose and specially designed trailer lights no matter if the trailer is Flatbed, Reefer or Dry Box.

Make Difference Between Standard and Additional LED Trailer Lights

When you are going to the store to buy LED trailer lights you need to know what type of lights you are buying. Standard LED trailer lights need to be functional all the time during the driving.

Standard trailer lights are mounted from the manufacturer and you need to know that they need to be functional all the time from the start to the finish.

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You need to know that manufacturers need to cover standards and regulations connected to the position and the number of lights mounted on the trailer. If they are mounted by the manufacturer not additionally you need to maintain special care for them. Standard LED trailer lights are signalizing

  • Your presence on the road
  • The behavior of your truck
  • Your driving intentions

Each of the positions needs to be covered with functional LED trailer lights. It is very easy to get a penalty for just one not functional standard light, trust me the police love to write tickets for small things. You need to have proper lighting before you go out on the road requires Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The additional trailer lights are installed additionally on the trailer. The usage of these LED trailer lights is for additional signalization. You can use them to give a more personal touch to the trailer. You don’t have to worry if they go out of work because they are not required by federal regulations.

For additional LED trailer lights, you don’t have to spend a lot of money so you can choose cheaper lights to put on the trailer. However, the additional LED trailer lights will make your truck prettier and more visible on the road.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Choose Between High End and Low End Manufacturers

When you are at the store in front of LED trailer lights from 30 different manufacturers your thoughts are starting to attack your brain with a lot of questions.

  • Should I choose cheap LED trailer light?
  • Should I choose expensive LED trailer light?
  • Can I find cheap from the high-end manufacturer?
  • Are these expensive LED trailer lights good quality ones?

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Your thoughts are having a bloody battle inside your head and…. Your brain starts to hurt. I feel your pain! Everyone was in that position and knows that feeling. It is painful to stand in front of the shelf and not know which one to choose. I am giving you advice here, to save you from further suffering.

The LED trailer lights for a fact last longer than standard trailer lights but there is also the fact that every LED trailer light is not with the same quality because every manufacturer uses combination of different material quality for production.

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Also, every manufacturer has own techniques and machinery for building the product and by that, you get different quality of LED trailer lights but steal need to cover the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations.

  1. Choose the high-end LED trailer lights for the manufacturer positioned lights because they need to be functional all the time (if they stop working you can get penalty)
  2. For the additional trailer lights, you can choose low-end manufacturers because they are not required by the federal laws.

Compare the Technical Specifications

When you are buying lights for your home you are checking the power, the lightning specter and the performance of the lights. You are doing this because you want different lightening for every room. It is the same for the LED trailer lights. Each of them has specific characteristics and lightening specter.

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If you already choose a manufacturer now you need to compare the technical specifications between the LED trailer lights for the position you need. In that way, you can find the suitable lights for the trailer. Anyway, you can put less powerful trailer lights in the line where you have more powerful lights but I bet that you want your truck to look more presentable with equalized LED trailer lights.

Compare LED and Standard Trailer Lights

The technology gave us opportunity to make the first step on the moon which was a big step for the human kind but the LED light bulbs are a big step for the trucking industry because they are more efficient and producing less heat than the standard light bulbs.

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The LED lights are light years further from the standard bulbs because:

  • LED’s are more energy saving – Standard trailer lights can drain the truck battery for a very short time because they spend 10 times more energy than LEDs. With LED trailer lights your battery will be saved even if you left the lights ON for a long period of time.
  • Working Life of LED Trailer LightsStandard trailer lights are using fibers that need to be heated up to high temperatures to produce light. Because the fast burning of the fibers the standard lights have 3,000 hours life. The LED trailer lights not use fibers and produce 25,000 to 100,000 active hours.
  • LED trailer lights are resistant to vibrations – The road is full of cracks and bumps and standard trailer lights are vulnerable to them. LED trailer lights are resistant to the vibration caused by these factors.
  • Warranty coverage – LED trailer lights have longer warranty coverage
  • Improved visualization with LEDs – visibility is higher and by that the trailer gets higher level of signalization
  • Installation – the standard ones are more complicated for installation than LEDs
  • LED trailer lights are resistant to water
  • Price – the LED trailer lights are more expensive than the standard ones but when you will calculate the long life they will turn to be right choice for your trailer
  • LED trailer lights emitting minimal amount of heat unlike the standard lights who need high temperature to produce light
  • LED bulbs are made of eco-friendly material unlike the standard bulbs made of elements mercury and carbon which are connected with many heath conditions
  • Standard lights are made of fragile material and are easier for damage

Check if you’ll Have Additional Cost for Installation

Before you buy a LED trailer lights you should check the installation process and the cost. There are so many manufacturers and so many LED lights and together with that comes a lot of different ways of installation procedures.

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It doesn’t matter if you are driving older model or last model of truck you need to have in mind the installation specifications of the LED trailer lights to conclude the total cost. If you have additional cost for installation you may not consider those trailer lights for buying.

Ask for Warranty Coverage

Like I said LED trailer lights have long durability but they are more expensive than the standard trailer lights. It is always good to get warranty coverage of the LED trailer lights especially if you get a high manufacturer lights.

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Everything can happen, so be safe than sorry and always ask for warranty coverage. If the lights you are buying failed before the given lasting period of time you will need the coverage to replace the lights.



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