Delivery Driver Job Description And Money You Can Make

Delivery Driver Job Description Requirements

Based on the average delivery driver job description, typically, there are no formal education requirements to be a delivery driver. But, depending on the company you may need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You can check out the requirements posted in the delivery driver job description. You can get some good information from the Department of Transportation, DOT . In order to be a delivery driver you will need to be over 18, that is according to the United State Department of Labor DOL. Depending on what will be delivered and if you will be required to travel across state lines you may need to be over 21.

There are of course a few things you will need. Driver’s license and a good driving record is a MUST. Some companies may require a medical examination also known as DOT physical. They will usually conduct a criminal background check (no felonies) as well as a credit check.

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Some other things that are mentioned in the delivery driver job description, which might not bar you from employment but are things to consider might be: a delivery driver needs to have good eyesight or corrective lenses, good hearing or hearing support devices, and be physically fit (as this may require a lot of physical activity).

In most delivery driver job description it is mentioned that the driver needs to maintain a professional appearance, have good people skills, driver skills, and strong reading and writing skills. Most important, in almost every delivery driver job description it is stated that they must be trustworthy and able to work with little or no supervision.

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Delivery Driver Job Description Types and Duties

A delivery driver job description is no different than any other. Like every industry there is a wide variety of businesses that have need for a good delivery driver. One that we are all familiar with is the ever popular pizza delivery driver. On the other end we have security delivery drivers, the ones who transport money. As a matter of fact delivery drivers are more common that you realize.

The BLS doesn’t truly classify all ‘delivery’ jobs under that heading like couriers, those who delivery letter and packages across town. Even the local paper boy/girl is technically a delivery driver. But the most common delivery drivers are the ones driving the medium duty trucks like example: medium to large box and flatbed trucks and/or semis.

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Check the delivery driver job description because sometimes a delivery driver must arrive early in the morning to ensure they deliver on time. Work start times will be mentioned it in the delivery driver job description. Many will run a regular route, while others must perform other duties between deliveries. An example of this is the delivery driver for a hardware store or other retail outlet, but again that will be mention in the delivery driver job description add in the newspapers or the online job postings, wherever you are looking for your next job adventure.
But for most delivery drivers everyday is something new!  Which of course you will not know that just by reading the delivery driver job description, you will have to be in the middle of the things to know that!

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Other Concerns Not Mentioned in the Delivery Driver Job Description

As we were going over the delivery driver job description, we have covered many important issues such as the customer service part. We mentioned that usually the delivery driver is responsible for filling out papers. Even that they must load and unload items, making for some long physically taxing days.


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But other issues that are not mentioned in the delivery driver job description  may include:

  • Vehicle maintenance (Inspect and maintain trucks, add fuel, fluids like windshield liquidand change oil)
  • Traffic (other drivers, high traffic times, construction delays)
  • Weather (rain, ice, sleet, hail, snow, excessive heat)
  • Distance (OTR drivers job, depending on the route, the miles can add up)

Not every single detail can be covered in the delivery driver job description, so just be prepared for whatever might come up. The vehicle, even if your company has its own maintenance shop, is your responsibility. A delivery driver is no good if they don’t have a vehicle to operate.

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Like everything a delivery driver job description has good and bad points. But usually the good far outweighs the bad. Being a delivery driver can actually be a very rewarding career. Many companies post delivery driver job description stating that they are looking for drivers “no experience required”. In the delivery driver job description ad, they might state their various benefits like: on-the-job training, company sponsored CDL training, provided uniforms (if needed), and the better companies will provide newer well maintained vehicles.

Are you considering becoming a delivery driver? Are you one already? If so what was written down on the delivery driver job description position that triggered you to apply for it?  Do you have any questions or suggestion to share? If you have a delivery driver stories share them with us.



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