Detail Analysis How Profitable Are Reefer Trucks

Detailed Total Analysis: How Profitable Are Reefer Trucks

Summa Summarum you invest $10,000 more but you get 3 times more that you spend when you bought a reefer trucks and you get $20,000 per truck more profit just because you work with temperature sensitive cargo.


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Since you have it, next year will be at least $30,000 per truck more profit than other trucks. We did some math, but this is a very COOL WAY to make more money, right?

Things to know before buying a Reefer Trailer

Reefers have a special cooling system that keeps the goods in proper conditions to maintain healthy products from the start point to the final destination.

Because it is based on temperature adjusted system you need to train your truck drivers to be very careful over controlling and monitoring the condition of the goods. They need to make checkups in every 2 hours and if it is necessary to adjust the temperature to prevent the products from spoiling.

Detail Analysis How Profitable Are Reefer Trucks 5Source:

When we are cautious, train your drivers to be careful with the reefer fuel tank level. If you do not have enough fuel in the reefer fuel tank the cooling system can be corrupted and stop working. If something like this is a case you have to refuel the tank and wait for reefer to cool the space where the goods are placed and pray to be cooled in time before they spoil.

That is why you need to buy a reefer trucks that are properly maintained, ensure that is in good condition if you choose to buy used truck. Also, it is important to choose a reefer trucks that will have new controlling temperature options.

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Installing reefer trucking units can be a lot of help and peace of mind.

  • Temperature management system is based on temperature sensors that will allow you to set temperature parameter and get notifications in case of over crossing those commands. You, of course, will make 2 hours checks, but in the meantime if something goes wrong the alarm system will notice you for the unproven condition inside of the reefer truck. That will give you an opportunity to protect your load with reacting and adjusting the temperature on time, before it is too late.
  • Web based reports at the moment will allow you to monitor the fuel level in the reefer trucks tank to make sure that is in proper level to keep the freight in good condition.
  • You will get power to control the reefer trucks temperature from any place and from any internet connected device
  • You can place the temperature report control to the client
  • You can provide better maintenance on your reefer trucks
  • Reefer trucking units are build with GPS antenna that will help you to provide better safety rating by controlling your truck driver driving behavior.


As an involved person in the trucking industry, you know that there are always positive and negative sides in each segment of this business. However, the reefer trucks require special attention like

  • Detail cleaning of the reefer unit after every unloading
  • It is loud and difficult to sleep in or next to
  • Constant temperature checks
  • More frequent inspections

But positive sides can overweight the negative in any time. It is always good to have open job possibilities, chance to get the great load quotes, bigger earnings per mile even if that means that you need to spend more time to clean your reefer truck from your previous load to get rid of the smell.

lf you transported onion, you need to clean and ventilate the space very deeply, because your new load can absorb that smell. Imagine to transport candies after the onion and if you did not clean the space properly they will absorb the smell and no one likes onion flavored candies, at least I think so…




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