Discover The 10 Best Truck Stop Amenities For Truck Drivers

Even the most experienced truck drivers have stated that after all those years that they have spent on the road they still cannot get customized to not seeing their relatives and friends.


Correspondingly, the access to high volume wireless internet is enabling truck drivers to get in touch with their family and friends. Also truck drivers are using this amenity to download some entertainment content on their lap top.

Nowadays everything goes through the internet and every update can be followed in real time, so the wireless internet represents one of the basics truck stop amenities.

6. Mailing and Parcel Services

Mailing and parcel services are found to be really helpful especially in case of unexpected situations. Thanks to these truck stop amenities truck drivers nowadays have the option to send and receive mail on the particular locations where there are enabled mailing and parcel services.


In the first place the parcel services include deliveries of high value mails, shipping containers, as well as a parcel delivery. In the last decade this amenity has become one of the most used by truck drivers. In general truck drivers are using this amenity for private package deliveries.

Since the mailing and parcel deliveries are being provided mainly by express mail, postal systems, and sometimes by truckload shipping carriers, all that truck drivers have to do is to go to the particular truck stop and to get their mail or package, simple as that.

7. Tripak Services

Tripak Services are used for sending documents such as POD – Proof of Delivery in no time. These kind of documents are time sensitive for the trucking companies; which means sending the papers immediately after dropping the loads from the truck driver side, the trucking companies can be paid faster after the accomplished service.

Without delivered original POD, the trucking company will not be paid for the trucking service, and most of the companies that are using the services from the trucking companies are having scheduled monthly payments. So in one sentence – without sent original POD there will be no payment.


The POD documents need to be signed by the truck driver and to be sent in original or copy in color. Nowadays all truck drivers are using smartphones, but they don’t drive around with fax/copy machine. The signature is the easy part, but sending the original POD or scanned in color needs to be supported with truck stop amenities covering this kind of services.

8. Parking Lot

Parking lots represent a valuable resource for truck drivers. At the same time parking lots are one of the most important 10 truck stop amenities for truckers. Luckily we can notice that in almost all states there are some truck stops that offer hundreds of parking spaces which to be sincere are of a great importance for truck drivers.


Henceforth, parking lots are the essential amenity that every truck stop should offer. Thus not only that this amenity is of a great importance for truck drivers, but also it is essential for the fleet managers and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

I would like to emphasize that there are parking lots that are providing:

  • Easy access;
  • Safe parking for truck drivers;
  • Individual truck or trailer parking;
  • Heavy Equipment parking;
  • Small storages for tires, tools;
  • Multiple space discounts;

All that truck drivers are looking is a convenient and safe parking lot.

9. Truck Service Center

Huge truck downtime and load delivery delays are the worst things that can happen to a truck driver, and in that manner truck service centers have been ranked as one of the 10 best truck stop amenities for truck drivers.

Hitting the long road and transporting loads that have to get on time to the desired final destination can bring unexpected situations for truck drivers from time to time. Over and above trucks can get broken, and you will find yourself in the situation when you need to fix your truck immediately, in situations like this truck service centers are the best solution.


Here and now, truck service centers have been incorporated on almost all truck stops. Therefore these truck service centers are providing the following services:

Hence, truck drivers these days can drive without any worry, knowing that there is truck service center on almost every truck stop that they can count on.

10. State Certificated Scale

Thereupon, I know that I’m on the right track when I’m saying that state certified scales are one of the best truck stop amenities for truck drivers; these scales have a very common use in the trucking industry.

In addition the state certified scales are mainly used either for checking the gross truck weight altogether with axle weights, or for selling goods that are being charged by the weight.


Nowadays these commercial scales can be found on almost all truck stops. As one of the best amenities that truck drivers have the need of- state certified truck scales before being used must be approved by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Moreover, one of the best professional truck scale manufacturer that has been present on the USA market for more than 40 years is CAT Scale. This manufacturer has managed to place their scales all across USA; more precisely their scales can be found on more than 1700 locations.


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State certified truck scales are manufactured in a way that can enable a good access for large trucks and trailers, even for the trailers with oversize loads.

Likewise state certified truck scales are one of the best truck stop amenities for truck drivers because the weighting of the truck on these scales is way more cost effective than weighting on normal scales. This amenity empowers truck drivers to save both money and time.


To conclude, we must not forget that the trucking industry is moving America, this fact has been confirmed even by the American Trucking Association (ATA).



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