Top 10 Trucking Companies In Iowa


In the last two months I have been doing detailed analyses about trucking companies in Iowa, more precisely I wanted to do a proper selection and ranking of the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa.

Thereupon here we are- this article is a result of my observant research that I have dedicated to the people that are mainly looking for load transportation services, as well as to the truck drivers that are looking for  a job opportunity.

Moreover, in the ranking process I have included:

  1. Details about trucking company’s history;
  2. Total insight of the fleet that the particular trucking company owns;
  3. The education and training level of their truck drivers;

Consequently, the ranking that I have performed turned out with the following result of these top 10 trucking companies in Iowa.

Let’s take a look!

10. Decker Truck Line Inc.

Decker Truck Line was incorporated in the early 1930’s by Loren and Dale Decker. This trucking company has been and has remained to be family-owned. Moreover, if we take a glimpse back at the beginnings’ of this trucking company we can notice that back then their trucks were mostly transporting:

  • Canned Goods;
  • Plumbing Fixtures;
  • Windmills;
  • Gypsum Products;

With their continuous improvements and everyday effort, not only of Decker family, but also of their employees has turned into huge success. Nowadays Decker Truck Line is ranked as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa.

Decker Truck Line aside from representing a leader company in the trucking industry, at the same time is one of the oldest and most experienced trucking companies in Iowa.


Thereupon, the experience of Decker’s leaders and employees has also brought customer loyalty. This trucking company is providing quality service on a constant basis, which brought increased revenues and extended operations.

In a view of the trucking operations, Decker Truck lines are operating in the Midwestern area and are engaged in the transportation of:

  • Construction materials;
  • Iron;
  • Food products;
  • Steel articles;

The core value that has brought loyal customers to Decker Truck Line is the safety protocol that they have. Not only that this trucking company is providing ultimate load safety to their customers, but also it is providing care for their truck drivers as well.

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The success of their fleet can be clearly seen by the numerous awards that they have been awarded with.

Thereupon if you are located in Iowa and you are looking for a trucking company that can perfectly match your needs, then you should take this award winning trucking company into consideration.

9. TanTara Trucking Company

TanTara is a trucking company that is located in the Muscatine Industrial Park, near the Mississippi River in Iowa. This trucking company is widely known as one of the most successful trucking companies, it is also placed among the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa.


TanTara is the kind of a trucking company that is able to provide you with instant load transportation services. This is one-call Transportation Company; all you need to do is to prepare your loads for hauling and call them, they will take care of it for an instance.

Henceforth, this trucking company has been incorporated in 1981, and since then is providing quality transportation services. Mike Riggan is the person that established this trucking company and he is the one responsible for the success of TanTara, in fact he started this company in his home garage.

Hence, this trucking company has well-educated and experienced truck drivers, all of them have obtained Class A CDL driving license and have gone through numerous trainings; so if you decide to use their transportation services you won’t have to worry about your loads getting on time to the final destination, since they are able to take care of every part that the transportation process includes.

8. Gray Transportation

Gary Transportation represents a leading trucking company with location in the Midwestern area, more precisely in Waterloo, Iowa. Moreover this load transportation provider is offering numerous transportation services. Some of the services that this trucking company is offering include:


One of the things that enabled their good work to be noticed is done thanks to their truck drivers, as well as to their fleet which comprises late model and reliable Class 8 trucks. This trucking company is dedicated to their customers, but also to their truck drivers that are enjoying comfort and reliable trucks, equipped with the latest technology gadgets.


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Yet, Gray Transportation is also committed to safety; in that direction this trucking company has enabled continuous trainings for their truck drivers. Therefore, truck drivers by going to those trainings are gaining new skills that are leading them on the path of consistent salary growth.

7. Simon’s Trucking Inc.

If you are looking for a trucking company that operates with pride and professionalism then you should take a look at Simon’s Trucking Inc.

This trucking company is one of the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa; they have gained a good reputation in the trucking industry for being able to always transport their loads on time , and for doing that in the most safe and secure way possible.


Simon’s Trucking is a flexible trucking company; their truck drivers are able to do any kind of load transportation. This trucking company is also known for setting the standard in the transportation industry.

When it comes to Simon’s trucking team, we can see that it is comprised of professional, well-educated, and conscientious truck drivers that know how to get their job done on time. Most of their truck drivers are in the trucking industry for more than 10 years, which means that they have enough experience and enough driven miles, to be able to provide extraordinary service.

Not to forget, this trucking company is using latest tracking software which enables their clients to have a real time update of load’s location, altogether with the delivery time.

6. Schuster

Schuster has been incorporated in 1956; nowadays this trucking company represents one of the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa. Through the years this trucking company has managed to stay in the trucking industry, and moreover to achieve enormous success.



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