Top 10 Trucking Companies In Iowa

Thereupon if you are located in Iowa and you are looking for a trucking company that can perfectly match your needs, then you should take this award winning trucking company into consideration.

9. TanTara Trucking Company

TanTara is a trucking company that is located in the Muscatine Industrial Park, near the Mississippi River in Iowa. This trucking company is widely known as one of the most successful trucking companies, it is also placed among the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa.


TanTara is the kind of a trucking company that is able to provide you with instant load transportation services. This is one-call Transportation Company; all you need to do is to prepare your loads for hauling and call them, they will take care of it for an instance.

Henceforth, this trucking company has been incorporated in 1981, and since then is providing quality transportation services. Mike Riggan is the person that established this trucking company and he is the one responsible for the success of TanTara, in fact he started this company in his home garage.



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