Freight Brokerage: Right Business To Get Into It

Discover How To Get the Best Freight Load Quote

If you are an individual or a commercial shipper who is looking for freight shipping services, you are probably asking what is the best way to find the most suitable freight for me.


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The goal is to find a way for reliable, efficient and cost effective ship freight. Finding the most suitable shipping service that will meet your requirements is the best way to achieve your goals.

There are so many trucking companies in the freight market (large companies and individual truckers), that offers different rates, different delivery time, different service…

If you are confused and worried that you will make the wrong choice? Stop worrying, because I have few tips how to find the best freight quote for your business.

Make sure you choose the best kind of transport

Which type of transport is best for my shipment? No matter how much freight you need to move or where you need to move it, first you need to do is to analyze the specifications of your shipment.

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This is important because when you contact the freight company, the first thing that you will be asked is what are the dimensions of the shipment do you know your shipment pounds per cubic foot? Hm… don’t know what to answer?

Once again, don’t worry, at the end of this article you will be master of finding the best type of transport for your business.

You have to know these key factors to be able to classify your shipment to the right type of transport.

  • What are the weight and dimensions of your cargo?
  • What type of cargo are you shipping?
  • How high is your budget?
  • Does the cargo need to be palletized?
  • How fast you need it delivered?
  • Does your cargo require any special care or conditions?

Now when you have all this information in one place, you have enough data to choose the best type of transportation suitable for your needs.

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Less than truckload (LTL) – this is a great way to ship your freight and only pay for the space you use. It is an economical way to ship palletized freight weighing between 150 pounds and 20,000 pounds. (For this type of transport you have to know the Pounds per Cubic Foot of your freight)

  • loads are mixed together for transport
  • it’s required adequate packaging of the goods (1 pallet which contain many boxes should be wrapped to form one piece)
  • shipments must be well secured, otherwise the product or the goods around can be damaged.
  • transit period for LTL freight are longer than for full truckload freight (FTL)
  • LTL transit times are not directly related only to the distance between shipper and consignee.

Advantages of LTL:

  1. Cost effective freight transportation
  2. Ideal for small businesses


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Full truckload (FTL) – great way if you have enough products to fully load the truck. It is also practical for loads that will not cover the total space of the truck, but you need faster or safer delivery.

Advantages of FTL:

  1. Best way to transport large shipments
  2. Ideal for high risk, delicate or fragile freight shipments
  3. Shipment remains in the same truck from point A to point B
  4. Faster than (LTL) truckload

You can also choose the truck type for your freight

  • Flatbed Trucks – best for transport of overlength, oversized, overweight equipment or material. The trailer has no sides, no roof, which gives flexibility
  • Refrigerated Trucks – for transporting chilled or frozen products. The load is protected no matter of the outside temperature
  • Dry vans – used for all types of freight where cargo is protected from the weather

Additional info:

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Always Get Multiple Transportation Offers

Whether you’re an individual or a commercial shipper, getting multiple freight offers can save you a lot of money. Having multiple offers from multiple carriers will give you the chance to compare the rates and chose the right one. With this action you will avoid overpaying the freight.

You have to contact a lot of transportation companies to find a good load. With at least 5 offers, you can get the general view of the transportation market price for your load, but be aware that choosing the cheapest offer is not always the solution.

With the cheapest offer you may get low transportation cost, but if that means that the goods will arrive late you may rethink and reconsider that offer.

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Keep this information in mind next time you need to transport your goods, because your clients depend on that load. If they have to stop their work as a result of late delivery, they may not consider you as shipper for the next order.

Isn’t this enough good reason? Getting multiple transportation offers and choosing the most reliable carrier to do this, is the correct way of taking care of your business reputation.

Become the company or person that is a pleasure to work with and prevent yourself from complications or loosing that client.

By getting multiple freight offers, you’ll find not only cost-effective way, but also reliable and high quality rating.

Have Friends among Brokers

Having friends among freight brokers can be helpful for your business. If you develop a good connection with a few of them, you can enjoy the fruits that this friendship will give you.

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When you start а business connection with new freight brokers you need to:

  • be a professional
  • be direct but respectful to achieve your goalsbe precise in your demands
  • be precise in your demands
  • negotiate for the price, but respect the boundaries
  • don’t be offensive
  • don’t waste their time

You have to treat them right to earn their respect, if you earn their trust, they can help your business to grow. They will want to find a way to connect you with the best carrier on the market.

Contact both Large National Transportation Companies as well as Small Independed Companies

When there is a need for a freight forwarding company these questions always pops in our head:

  • How should I choose my Freight Forwarding Company?
  • Should I choose large or Independent Freight Forwarder company?

There are thousands of trucking companies that you can choose from. To find the company that will meet your requirements you have to contact more forwarders.



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