Freight Brokerage: Right Business To Get Into It

Discover How To Get the Best Freight Load Quote

Don’t relay always just on the large national transport companies, expand your options by contacting the small independent companies too.

There are so many different freight shipping companies and they all trying to provide the best service for your business, but some services might be more suitable for you than others.

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However, you need to find a freight company with great:

  • Competitive rates
  • Timely Responses
  • Communication
  • On-time delivery
  • Trustworthiness

If you are used to cooperate with Large National Transportation Companies here are a few characteristics of the Independent freight companies that may be useful for you.


  • More flexible and tailored service – the independent freight forwarders have many more choices in selecting the carrier, best routing and price combination.
  • A controlled cost structure – possibility to adapt the price without compromising quality of service, because of their lower expense, overhead and carrier options.
  • Reliable, accessible and personalized treatment for the client – one to one relationship can help you improve your operations. The company becomes more familiar with your operations and needs.

Knowing your business better will help them to deal with the problems and to come up with a quick solution. These companies are aiming to achieve the best Customer Service.


  • Lack of brand visibility for clients
  • Underdeveloped IT infrastructure
  • Reduced marketing budgets
  • Limited geographical implementation
  • Restricted offer of services
  • Delays in payments

It is hard but try to Get Direct Contact with Client and Avoid Brokers

Can I avoid brokers and go direct to the carrier to make shipment? Yes, you can if you are shipping company not individual shipper. I am saying this because if you are individual shipper, you do not have the enough quantity of freights to get discount and it will be not much difference between the price given from the broker and carrier.


If you are shipping company and you have enough quantity of freights you don’t have any obstacle to go direct to the carrier, feel free to make contact and negotiate. Avoiding the freight broker, you can avoid hidden service fees and the extra charges.


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Little tip:
Before you dismiss the offer from the broker my advice is tocompare the shipping price given from the carrier with the price given by the broker and If the amount of money is same, take advantage of the situation that the broker will take care of everything for you.


Your ability to find the best freight quote, affects directly on your business. Make a research and be sure that you gathered correct information which will help you to find the best freight quote.

Consult and be open to new possibilities, even if it is necessary to go out of your comfort zone. Trying new ways can open new practical ways to manage your business and may open new possibilities for success.



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