Global Shipping – How To Choose The Best Method of Transport


Thereupon, if you consider that shipping by truck is the best method of transportation for you, then you should know that you can choose between the following two services that trucking companies are offering:

1. Less-than-truckload LTL;

LTL is the type of transportation that includes small cargo orders. In fact, this type of transportation features most of the freight shipments. The weight of LTL shipments can vary from 100 to 15.000 pounds.

Otherwise, if your loads are heavier than, they will be classified in the second category, which is truckload freight;

2. Truckload Freight TL;

Trucking companies that are providing Truckload Freight TL have a different way of charging. That is to say, they are charging to their customers per mile. Of course, at the end, there are other factors that do set the final price.

Those factors are the equipment that the trucking company should use, the distance from the point A to the point B, as well as the exact time of transportation.



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