Global Shipping – How To Choose The Best Method of Transport


Now you must be asking yourself, how much it will cost you to transport your loads by air? Well, you can determine the price by measuring the weight of your loads, plus the time sensibility of the loads; if your loads are heavy and time-sensitive then it will be the most costly.

Even if you have heavy freight, it can still be shipped by air.


When shipping by air (just like shipping by truck) you will have the option to track your loads. That way it will be easier for you to determine the exact arrival to the desired destination.

Which Factors Have The Biggest Impact When Choosing The Best Method Of Transportation

There are choices to be made; in the manufacturing business, one of the hardest decisions that owners have to make is to choose the best method of transportation. Global shipping is offering 4 types of shipping; each type of shipping differs.

Although choosing the best method of transportation might seem to be the most basic choice it is not. This can be understood the best by the people that are in search for a transportation company.

So, there are many factors that might affect on which method of transportation you are going to choose, but in my opinion, the following four factors are the key ones. Let’s take a glimpse!


One of the most crucial factors that you make decisions upon is the cost of transportation. As a person who has a lot of loads to transport, I do believe that you have set a bottom line budget. That budget will determine in a great measure which will be the best method of transportation for your needs.

So, which type of global shipping will be the best option for you? Which will cost you less?

In general, the fourth type of shipping which is by air is typically the most expensive. Still, it does depend on few facts and figures. It doesn’t have to mean that it will be the most expensive for your needs; the same goes for the other types of load transportation too.


Getting as much information as you can about each one of the global shipping options would be perfect.

By having a lot of information, you will be well educated, and you will be in a situation to make a reasonable decision when choosing the best method of transportation.


Remember: The smaller the shipment, the smaller the margin between the price will be. When shipping internationally, there will always be destination fees, such as are the customs.


Time-sensitive shipments are the reason why a lot of customers nowadays overpay the transportation process. Well, time means money, straight proportionally it brings higher costs for them, whereas the shipping companies are in a pleasant situation.

So, without a doubt which factor will have the biggest impact when choosing the best method of transportation is without a doubt the delivery speed of the loads.

It is crystal clear to all of us that shipping by air is the fastest method of transportation, that is why it is considered to be the most expensive one. On the opposite side, shipping by sea will take from 15 days to a month.

At the end, if your business depends on the transportation process of your loads, then the faster the shipping process is the better your business will develop.


On the other hand, if you are an individual, and the speed of delivery is not that important to you, then you can take into consideration to ship by sea.

In some given situation speed means a lot to the customers.


Reliability is of a great importance when choosing the best method of transportation. What do you think which method of transportation is the most reliable? Even though it has a shorter history of transportation, the shipping by air has shown to be the most reliable means of load transportation.


Shipping by air is most reliable because they always deliver the loads on time unless there is are bad weather conditions or some other factors that might affect the safety.

On the other hand, when it comes to measuring the reliability, we cannot bear to notice that shipping by sea is a bit notorious. Ships are often off schedule.


All of us should take care of the planet on which we live, that is why I chose the environmental impact as one of the most crucial factors when choosing the best method of transportation for your loads.


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The social awareness of environmental issues shall be increased. Nowadays I’m witnessing how more and more transportation companies are making changes in their services and in the overall process of transportation.

Yet, shipping by sea is the winner when it comes to environmental impact!


That is so because the ships are not emitting CO2. Whereas the air freight is causing the biggest emissions. Shipping by air definitely is causing larger carbon fingerprint than the other methods of load transportation.


All in all, as you had the chance to read I dedicated this article to the people that are in doubt how to choose the best method of transportation for their loads. I included numerous information that I found to be the most important for the selection process of transportation method.

Bottom line… Even when you search just a moving truck rental service, you always need to know the right information to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.

I firmly believe that this article will meet your way, and it will help you decide which is the best method for your business. All in all, you should choose the method that you consider will bring the best benefit for your company and future business.



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