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Complete Guide: Learn All About New CDL Requirements

But here in today’s article, we will try to touch on the basics and get you pointed in the right direction to be the next modern day cowboy…

What are the CDL eligibility requirements?

The United States is unique that when issuing driver’s licenses there is not a set federal standard. That is not to say the federal government doesn’t regulate the industry, but getting the actual CDL is a state level issue. The requirements to obtain a CDL vary from state to state. It is highly advised that you check with your individual state.

Common CDL requirements may include:

  • Age requirements
  • (Some states allow a CDL at 18.)
  • (Federal law mandates, 21 to drive interstate.)
  • Proof of citizenship and/or residency;
  • DOT medical and physical standards;
  • English comprehension (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (Section 391.11);
  • Written knowledge tests;
  • Skill and road testing.

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Depending on the state there may be other requirements such as 2 years of driving experience. Federal law also has set requirements for hauling hazardous materials, chemicals, or special freight. Make sure you are properly trained and have all the appropriate endorsements.

What are the steps to get CDL

Typically there are several steps to getting your CDL. Two key issues are the medical requirements (DOT physical exam), residency requirements in the state which you’re trying to get your license.



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